coming soon….goodbye Atos and the DS Easter miracle

Enjoy your ban Fletch/Windy?
Enjoy your ban,   Fletch/Windy?


Reaction to the sad withdrawal of Atos after staff were persecuted by vile sickness benefit extremists.

also……more outrageous scrounging cases by the so called “disabled”  and the under -reported crime of disability rage.


….the Easter miracle! How one DS poster who, for four years, has claimed they’re unable to work because of a degenerative condition, is suddenly talking about returning to work!

Then will the lame leap like a deer, and the mute tongue shout for joy. (DWP 35:6)


and how the Wayback Machine is great for those  of you who didn’t save pictures before their owner deleted them.*/

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9/8/14 . . returning next week.

While you’re waiting, check out the DS Watch and enjoy an ant-semite unaravelling  on the forum.

 Windy has a hard-on every night when he spams the DS forums with his anti-Jewish poison.


Goodbye Atos and thank you

magnum pi5
How much is Fletch scrounging?

After 160 incidents per month of Atos staff being assaulted or abused by sickness benefit scroungers the company who’ve unmasked hundreds of thousands of workshy spongers are negotiating an early exit from their contract with the DWP.

Here’s just a couple of examples of the too sick for work but fit enough to make death threats brigade in action;

staff received deaths threats in person and on Facebook and Twitter

Examples on social networking sites include someone calling staff ‘murdering scumbags’, adding: ‘We won’t be smiling when we come to hang you b******s.’ Another said: ‘Know anyone who works for Atos? Kill them.’

At least one particularly vile web was shut down when attempts were made to name and intimidate ordinary Atos staff. This, of course, comes as no surprise to those of us who’ve battled these types of scum on various forums, particularly Digital Spy.  They don’t have the intellectual capability to contribute to the debate so instead resort to threats and bullying. Now their tactics are given nationwide exposure and the British public don’t like what they see!

We, the hard-working contributors to society, owe a great debt of gratitude to Atos and it’s a big THANK YOU to the company who took on the pretend sick and disabled.

There are already a few names in the hat to replace Atos and you can be guaranteed whichever one gets the contract will be subject to the same disgusting treatment from the same disgusting people. Let’s hope though, the new providers do the same great job as Atos.

Great news!

Campaigners lose spare room subsidy appeal! 

Another victory for the taxpayer!

Dee LA!

Clinically depressed? No, just clinically obese!

The breakdown of DEE LA statistics by “main disabling condition” make very interesting reading. Here’s some of my personal favourites.

Back Pain (particularly unspecified):

Notoriously difficult to diagnose, this has long been the condition of choice for the blue collar malingerer and currently stands at 162k claimants despite the decline of heavy industry, meaning far less physical work nowadays. These type of fraudsters are normally the ones caught working out at the gymnasium, running marathons or break-dancing on talent shows. Barely a week goes by without a “bad-backer” being filmed engaging in activities that even a healthy person would find physically demanding.

Scrounge rating: 9/10



Unbelievably, 45K people are claiming DEE LA because they’re a bit hard of hearing. With modern technology available to transfer speech to text and an abundance of hearing aids it beggars belief so many are able to trough benefits for a condition that has so many workarounds.

Scrounge rating: 8/10

Chronic Pain Syndromes: defines describes CPS as “complex,” states that for these conditions “there is no clear definition!” and, also, “Chronic pain is not simply a physical problem. It is often associated with severe and extensive psychological, social and economic factors.” Factors such as idleness, exaggeration and the harvesting of generous benefits are, I suggest the main reasons for a large swathe of the 47K trousering this handout. Those with “medically unexplained symptoms” need to be re-assessed immediately.

Scrounge rating:  8/10

Psychosis/Personality disorder/behavioural disorder:

These mental health conditions are listed separately by the DWP, probably because together they total a whopping 334K of claimants. This really is the bad back for the noughties. Easy to fake, difficult to diagnose and a passport to generous benefits without the hassle of having to look for work. Let’s consider the most recent poster girl for “depression,” White Dee. Unable to work because of her debilitating condition she still manages to organise the affairs of various Benefit Street residents, appear on a TV programme filmed over two years without displaying any obvious depressive symptoms, and is now setting herself up as a minor celebrity. Only those with the most extreme mental health problems should receive Dee LA, not the types who are well enough to spend all day posting on internet forums or swilling beer in their local boozer. We all know this type of scrounger.

Scrounge rating: 10/10

Alcohol and drug misuse:

As was stated by an  expert on 5Live today, you don’t become addicted when you take a drug for the first time.  It’s a choice to do it again and again until you’re hooked.  Tens of thousands of addicts are spending our money on beer and illegal substances and then claiming they’re incapacitated! If you can ring your dealer than you can work in a call centre.   If you can stroll to the off-licence  you can pick up litter. Lazy, weak-willed bums.

Scrounge rating: 11/10!

ComRes Survey:  Welfare Scroungers

It’s extremely heartening that 40% of those questioned in the recent ComRes Poll recognised the reality of welfare fraud,

40% of respondents to the survey thought half or most welfare claimants fell into the category of “scroungers”, defined as people who lie about their circumstances to get higher welfare benefits, for example by pretending to be unemployed, ill or disabled,


84% agreed with the statement that people who are able to work should be required to do so in order to receive benefits.

There’s just no fooling the British people, more of whom are wising up to the number of IB/ESA/DLA fraudsters fleecing the taxpayer and the state. Programmes like Benefits Street are fantastic at highlighting the culture of entitlement and it’s little wonder welfare extremists wanted the show taken off air.  They hate having a mirror held up to them.

More interesting stats from the poll:

68% believe the welfare state will be gone in 30 years time

68% said benefits should only be a safety net for the poorest in society

Only 34% stated claimants who haven’t paid into the system should receive benefits

87% accept the welfare system is failing

1 in 5 blame scroungers for the system being in such a mess

more to follow…..

how this blog is causing uproar amongst welfare lovers on various forums and who is Fletch? 

Why is he angry and paranoid?

Is he falsely claiming sickness benefits?

Does Fletch Live on handouts?

Is he a creepy stalker?

Does he find being humiliated  by TL every day arousing?

Is he Windfarter from DS?

This and more….coming soon….on…

The blog sickness benefit scroungers can’t help reading.

The Bouncing Scrounger

DLA scroungers love to show off

Yet another example of how easy it is to claim DLA.

Sonia Mellor told the DWP she spent her entire life in bed and was in need of 24 hour care (how many times have we heard that before?)

After pocketing over £100k of handouts she was finally rumbled when her laptop and mobile phone (more gadgets than Currys) revealed videos of the seriously disabled Sonia bouncing up and down on a trampoline. She suffers from arthritis, by the way!

She’s unable to work of course, despite sending a text message saying how she had “grafted her arse” off at home one day.

The lengths DLA scroungers will go to claim their much cherished benefits is highlighted by Miss Mellor’s intention to buy a wheelchair in order to prepare for an anticipated DWP investigation. Everyone knows of a Sonia Mellor in their own area so it’s little wonder this easy to claim, easy to abuse and discredited benefit is being overhauled. Credit again must go to IDS who’s brave enough to face down the sickness benefit parasites and their appeasers.

Nearly 20 million fingers caught in the sickness benefit till!

Noses in the sickness benefit trough
Noses in the sickness benefit trough

Those of us who have our fingers on the pulse of scrounging won’t find it a surprise that this week it was reported almost 1 million people were caught trying to claim sickness benefits when they were actually fit for work. This is on top of the other 1 million who made a miraculous recovery just in time to avoid a fit-for-work assessment. This blog has long highlighted how an imminent medical seems to cure the Scroungitis virus and again we are proven correct. Under the old, poorly regulated system, many of these 2 million would have spent time on IB before migrating to the even more lucrative DLA cash cow. Those days are over and it’s the turn of the enormous numbers of DLA fraudsters to get their comeuppance.

We live in great times!

God bless Atos and IDS.

Black Triangle = Cowards


Earlier this week I decided to visit a site from which I have lots of hits. (Yes, I know IP addys and the sites from which people click on links to my blog). Blacktriangle decided to delete my comment on the CH4 programme scroungers masturbate over; Benefits Street.

Yet more proof welfare apologists simply can’t cope with alternative opinions. I’ve allowed opposing views on my blog since its inception and have only recently banned pro-scrounging opinions that were spamming my site.

It’s little wonder these types of activists have so little public support which is probably the reason their campaigns have been so unsuccessful.

Click on image to see how you can eat your way to a “disabled” Blue Badge!

It’s reached 50!

Shut down the blogsite

This is important as it is calling all people who are on benefits “scroungers” which we are NOT! This type of language in a court could be construed as Slander, Defamation of Character and possibly Libel. It is painting a false picture of what is really going on in today’s culture.

If we can get 100,000 signatures it can be debated in Parliament!

Benefits Street

jt street

It was perhaps inevitable (as was the Birmingham setting) that the biggest scrounger on CH4’s Benefits Street was in receipt of IB and, even more predictably, carried out odd-jobs on the side to supplement his feckless lifestyle of boozing and criminality. In many ways, this programme was a reflection of our favourite hangout for parasites – the Digital Spy forums. The site is a microcosm of this show; a Head Scrounger harvesting sickness benefits alongside a cabal of the workshy, all bleating how they can’t afford to live on “meagre” ESA/DLA handouts. Their illogical rantings and hatred of anyone who dares question their entitlement was shown in all its glory on Benefits Street as claimants raged against the Police, the DWP and the government for challenging their lifestyle choice. In one memorable scene a resident facing eviction for rent arrears whined to the backdrop of a huge Flat-Screen television in her front room. It was beyond parody! Beer, cigarettes and drugs are the staple diet of such scum and every area of Britain has its own Benefit Street where fraudsters and fakers have their nose buried deep in the Sickness Benefit trough. Thanks to this Government and Atos though, their numbers are slowly declining, and we can only hope the DLA purge is equally as successful as its ESA counterpart. If so, the Welfare Ways, Parasite Places and Scrounger Streets of the UK might soon be reclaimed by decent, hardworking people from the festering vermin which currently infect them.