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I’ve been away visiting a mythical daughter but now I’m back and it’s time to reveal the winner of the  Walter Mitty category.

This is always one of the most hard fought and coveted awards in the scrounging world. Previous recipients include Richievilla for claiming to be a barrister and then caught seeking legal advice on a scrounging forum, plus, Old Hippy Guy whose made up life stories always seem to correspond to current political events.

However, there’s a new name on the Walter Mitty trophy this year and that is…..(drumroll) WINDY/FLETCH!!!

Congratulations to Fletch/Windy who claimed his flounce from BF was actually a holiday during which he discovered he had a daughter and bought her a car. Despite touring the length and breadth of Britain, Fletch, the compulsive poster, was unable to find an internet connection to feed his habit.

Sadly, Fletch is unable to accept his award as he’s again currently travelling the length and breadth of Britain without finding a way to hook up to the web. He’s no doubt discovered another daughter as well.

Next time,  GibsonSadGit, The Towel Man, Koantemplation, Celt1987 or Old Hippy Scrounger? Who is Welfare Cry Baby of the year?

This should be a shoe-in for suicide-watch Gibson but Old Hippy Scrounger’s Bedroom Tax bleatings might run SadGit close.

Votes please.

Four! or should that be six?

MartyTGFLogoTypePrintSm_1Six was the only handicap of DLA scrounger Alan Bannister. This was his golf handicap despite him claiming he could barely lift his hands above his head and struggled to walk 50 yards. Like so many DLA claimants our mobility car user exaggerated his condition to claim £26k in handouts. As is the way with these types he claimed his condition was fluctuating, meaning he was well enough to regularly play golf but not fit enough for work.

Yet more evidence that the DLA self-assessment form is wholly inadequate and is virtually a free pass for anyone parasite wants to avoid work.

Drinkers/Druggies Living Allowance

Getting tough on spongers
Getting tough on spongers. £12bn more welfare cuts to come. Well done IDS!

It would appear the D in DLA nowadays stands for drinkers and druggies who are boozing and injecting their way through a mind boggling half a billion pounds a year in sickness benefits.  More than 75,000 are using over – generous sickness benefit payments to fund their debauched lifestyle.

46,810 received the payment mainly because of their alcohol misuse and a further 28,440 had a ‘primary disabling condition’ of drug addiction. The alcoholics received £249.8million in ESA and the drug addicts £156.7 million.

On top of this, substance abusers still getting the old Incapacity Benefit last year received £26.3million, and a further £2.2million went on Disability Living Allowance.

 These parasites also receive housing benefit and council tax rebates just to make sure they’ve enough cash to get pissed and high.

I bet this guy posts on Digital Spy:

 One man who lay in bed drinking 12 cans of lager a day won the right to be paid sickness benefit even though health experts said he was simply lazy.

The comments from nurses and health professionals tell us all we need to know about the mentality of many of the almost 2m claiming ESA

A nurse who interviewed the unnamed man said he ‘would drink ten to 12 cans of lager daily’ and had ‘anxiety and depression’ as well as ‘alcohol misuse’ for a decade – but added that his minimal activity ‘appears to be through choice rather than illness’.

What is emerging are two different categories of professional scroungers. Firstly we have the active scrounger who pretends to be ill while spending time at the local gymnasium or golf course and likes to partake in physical, sometimes dangerous sports. These are the exhibitionist types who brazenly appear on television talent shows without any signs of having a “bad back” or on Facebook pages in exotic holiday locations. The second type is your panhandler that leads a sedentary lifestyle, often spending all day boozing or smoking weed and likes to post on internet forums how there aren’t any jobs, even though they’ve no intention of looking for employment.

We can only hope that the crackdown on the many thousands of fraudulent DLA/ESA claimant intensifies and that the trend of  classing fatties, alkies and junkies as disabled is reversed. Then we can start on the “mental health” conditions and fake syndromes many DlA claimants use to subsidise their lifestyle. 

Now it’s been announced the government are looking at withdrawing handouts from druggies,  alkies  and now fatties if they refuse to change their disgusting lifestyles. Naturally, the benefit stealing scum on DS are up in arms.

 Even the previously banned ftsemonks is getting in on the bleating:

All the usual lowlife have slimed onto the thread apart from forum cry baby GibsonSadGit who’ll probably arrive soon and threaten to shoot himself again!  He’ll be shitting himself because he knows the fake mental healthers will be next once this lot of shirkers are dealt with.

Congratulations Sue Marsh

Sickness benefit activist and author of a shitty pro-scrounging blog read by malingerers the length and breadth of the country is suddenly persona non grata with the nations professional sick and “disabled.” With breathtaking hypocrisy Sue Marsh has gone all White Dee and become capable of work once a nice juicy financial inducement was waved under her nose. What makes this hugely amusing is that this wad of cash, all £75K a year, comes from her new employer, Maximus, the direct replacement for Atos a and who’ll be carrying out the new sickness benefit assessments! What a huge kick in the teeth for all those scroungers who read her blog religiously and held her up a some sort of heroine, battling the evil Tory welfare reforms. IDS is loving it and has welcomed her into the fold and it’s further proof that the only two thirds of those claiming ESA/DLA would make an equally miraculous recovery if they were offered the same.

Scrounge aid 2014

Welcome to the welfare caliphate
Welcome to the welfare caliphate

'Bad news Fred. They're stopping my incapacity benefit.'


It’s scrounging time: there’s no need to be afraid

At scrounging time, extra benefits you are paid

And in your welfare world of plenty you can spread a smile of joy

Throw your arms around handouts at scrounging time

But say a prayer, to pray for the taxpayer

At scrounging time

It’s hard but when you’re having fun

There’s a job outside your window

And you’re full of dread and fear

Where the threat of daily work reduces you to tears

And the workfare bells that ring

Are the clanging chimes of doom

So tonight you workshy twat

Hide in your spare room

You won’t be “ill” and claiming next Christmas time

The greatest gift you’ll get next year is work

Your condition will finally go as the benefits no longer flow

Will you know it’s Scrounging time at all?

Here’s to Ian, raise a glass please everyone

Here’s to Ian signing off the lazy bums

Fakers don’t like IDS at all.

Sign off scroungers

Let them know they’re parasites

Sign off scroungers

Let them know they’re parasites

coming soon….goodbye Atos and the DS Easter miracle

Enjoy your ban Fletch/Windy?
Enjoy your ban,   Fletch/Windy?


Reaction to the sad withdrawal of Atos after staff were persecuted by vile sickness benefit extremists.

also……more outrageous scrounging cases by the so called “disabled”  and the under -reported crime of disability rage.


….the Easter miracle! How one DS poster who, for four years, has claimed they’re unable to work because of a degenerative condition, is suddenly talking about returning to work!

Then will the lame leap like a deer, and the mute tongue shout for joy. (DWP 35:6)


and how the Wayback Machine is great for those  of you who didn’t save pictures before their owner deleted them.*/

This and more coming soon on………

……..the blog scroungers can’t help reading!

9/8/14 . . returning next week.

While you’re waiting, check out the DS Watch and enjoy an ant-semite unaravelling  on the forum.

 Windy has a hard-on every night when he spams the DS forums with his anti-Jewish poison.