The Hardest Hit

"There's only another 2m of us."

Wheelchairs were brought out of cupboards,the dust blown off,and tyres pumped up. It was the day the too sick for work and trapped in poverty brigade miraculously found enough money and energy to descend on the nation’s capital and complain of victimisation by an evil,nazi-like regime intent on taking the first step towards the “final solution” by having benefits re-assessed. The turnout was going to be “massive,” we were promised, as the nation rose up as one to support the 2.6m ESA/IB claimants (none of whom are feckless,workshy scroungers) and overturn the nefarious plans of those twins of evil, Atos and the Tories. Only 2 -3,000 hardy souls turned up though. The rest,we are told,presumably the remaining two million,five hundred and ninety-seven thousand,were too ill to attend. Perhaps,though,they were still in bed,watching Jeremy Kyle or, heaven forbid,defrauding the system by working. Still, there’s nothing like a speech by Liam “all the money’s gone” Byrne  to not get a crowd whipped up,especially as he failed to mention it was the Labour party who introduced Atos into the benefit system. While David Cameron met Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button the procession wound its way forlornly around the streets of  London,stopping only for the occasional tyre change. No live TV coverage,no public interest and no point. With incapacity fraud rife,hundreds of thousands of scroungers signed off and more parasites soon to meet the same fate even the lefties of the trade unions didn’t want to lose what’s left of their credibility by attending this march. Those protesters without “mental health” problems-the new “bad back”- probably departed in a state of utter depression,shunned and ignored by a sceptical public tired of funding the excesses of the 75% of IB claimants identified by the DWP and independent surveys as capable of work. For these spongers time is almost up. While the wheels have come off this campaign the benefit re-assessments roll on.

2 thoughts on “The Hardest Hit

    1. Deano, I hope your forthcoming benefit journey goes well. The mental health descriptors have been eased a little so perhaps your low moods might be sufficient. I’m assuming you’re able to read this.

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