Fit As A Fiddler

The gymnasium, the golf course or the martial arts dojo; these are all places you’re most likely to encounter your average DLA scrounger. It’s amazing how many of those fraudulently claiming this particular handout are secretly filmed by the DWP, strenuously exercising the bad back that has left them crippled with pain and unable to work for at least ten years.  It’s little wonder waiting-lists to join golf clubs are so long!

Perhaps the DWP should have a permanent presence in these recreational venues, probably saving the taxpayer millions in the process.

On the one hand the DWP tell us Incapacity fraud is 0.5% yet, on the other, admit it’s a covert activity and therefore difficult to quantify. Anecdotal evidence suggests fraud levels are far higher than the DWP claim (we all know at least one) and two recent cases where the department unwittingly employed benefit cheats themselves demonstrates how poor they are at detection.

0.5% my arse!

2 thoughts on “Fit As A Fiddler

  1. you sick individual – you really have no idea. I hope that high horse you’re on bucks you off and throws you to the ground, leaving you with permanent disability for life. THEN you will eat your bloody sick words

    1. Jaffa,you’re obviously a moron who doesn’t understand the difference between genuine claimants and scroungers. Please stop commenting until your tiny mind realises this as you only embarrass yourself.

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