Disability Liar’s Allowance

Screwed by the scroungers

Would you believe it? Almost one in twenty of the population are disabled and claiming Disability Living Allowance according to the latest figures. Yes, this includes those poor “disabled” alcoholics and smackheads whose numbers increased by 250% under the last government. Throw in a few bad backs, some allergies, plus not being assessed face-to-face and you’ll see why there are now 3m claiming the handout which costs the taxpayer £12billion a year. Rather than re-brand this benefit as Disability Luxury Allowance, the current government are intent on tackling the ridiculous situation where over 19,000 addicts receive the mobility component, presumably because they’re too drunk/spaced out to stand up. Strangely enough, alcoholics are always mobile enough to reach the local off licence while druggies are fit enough to burgle, shoplift and visit their dealers. It’s time to re-assess every DLA claimant to root out the many fraudsters who’ve turned this benefit into a lifestyle choice for scroungers. Extremists, using emotional blackmail, say the stress of re-assessments will cause many genuine claimants to commit suicide, claiming this has already happened. It hasn’t,(they can’t provide any credible evidence) and it won’t. At the end of the process there will actually be more money available for those who actually need it. Let’s see how many claimants decide not to bother with their re-assessment!. If the numbers mirror those of the similar IB scheme there can be little doubt that DLA has been widely abused for the past decade and the everyday newspaper reports of scroungers convicted of fraud are only the tip of a huge iceberg.



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