Disability Spy

You’ll find them on DS every day, spitting venom, issuing pseudo-legal threats and insulting anyone who dares support the reform of IB/DLA. Shielded by the equally moronic moderators, they hijack every benefit thread, attempt to suppress debate and relentlessly stalk fellow posters. Their organ-grinder often becomes so frenzied I fear what passes as his brain might burst, showering himself with the same excrement he spreads around the forums. While one has a lower spelling ability than a primary school child and probably has never had a job, another thinks punctuation is something that happens to tyres. Unemployed and unemployable, he also admires Nick Griffin. These are living proof that 66% of those claiming incapacity benefits lack any formal qualifications and therefore struggle to read, write and understand.

Such extremists often claim to hold degrees, believe they are the only people who understand the benefits system (probably because they’ve been on them for years) and usually have a variety of “illnesses,” often bizarre, that cover all bases with the DWP.  As their re-assessments approach they become even more frenzied and antagonistic, thrashing around in desperation. Like lepers they’re avoided by most forum members, fearing contamination by association. Hypocritical as well as unintelligent, these cretins save some of their worst bile for newspapers, particularly the Daily Mail and The Sun. This, despite themselves being registered on tabloid footy chat forums.  As for advertising for women on a sleazy internet sex site, pictured only in a towel….well, let’s not go there! They’ve done an absolutely fantastic job in convincing ordinary, decent people of the need for reform of sickness benefits while their vehement opposition to welfare reform arouses suspicions that they too might be parasites! For them the Atos benefit journey will soon begin and no amount of verbal abuse can stop it- fortunately, one of the main outlets used to pour out their hatred has recently been closed down, and not before time. OUCH!

It’ll be a great day for the taxpayer when the majority of the freeloading vermin are rounded up and put to some use. Illegally poncing of the state is no longer acceptable to the British public so let the DWP/Atos purge begin!


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