Scrounging: It’s even worse than we thought!

Only 7% unfit for work. It comes as no surprise to those of us who’ve long recognised the problem of workshy layabouts feigning and exaggerating illnesses to gain the more lucrative sickness benefits. Yet again, we’ve been vindicated by government figures.

The good ship Scrounger is rapidly sinking, along with its crew of deniers, apologists and extremists.


A fantastic article by Stephen Glover:

“the number of people staying on sickness hand-outs for longer than five years rose twentyfold — from 68,000 in 1997 to almost 1.5 million in 2006.”

“But the really amazing disclosure is that 36% of applicants have dropped out of the application process before being subjected to a test……It is impossible to escape the conclusion that many, if not most, of these claimants withdrew their applications because they knew in their hearts they weren’t proper recipients of Incapacity Benefit, and therefore wouldn’t pass the new test.”

“for many people, Incapacity Benefit has been a costly racket – as politicians of all parties have long privately recognised.” 


Out of 1.3m only 56,500 (4.3%) of Atos decisions were proven to be wrong.

Congratulations to Atos for succeeding in 95.7% of cases. Well done!

Remarkably,485,000 claimants all miraculously recovered and became fit for work at exactly the same stage during their claim, i.e the moment they were contacted by Atos about assessment. Hallelujah!!

Soon, Atos will be getting to grip with the widely abused DLA system and those statistics will no doubt make equally grim reading for the taxpayer.

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