A Kick in the Motabilities

"I'm now a top of the range BMW"

Not before time the government has finally decided to put the brakes on the much-abused  £1.5billion pounds a year motabilty scheme that’s seen taxpayers taken for a ride over the past decade. In ten years the numbers of motability cars clogging up Britain’s roads has almost trebled. For reasons not quite clear, parents of naughty schoolchildren, alcoholics, druggies and even Ugandan gun-running drug barons have been allowed to help themselves to free Audis, Mercs and BMW’s worth up to £37K. Has it really been worth bus and train companies making public transport more user-friendly and accessible when so many of their target customers are provided with luxury cars courtesy of the state?

To limit the scandalous abuse of the system new rules are under consideration, limiting the maximum value of available cars to a still-generous £25k while “nominated” drivers would have to live no more than five miles away from the person for whom the car is intended.

However, this scam will only be ended after the forthcoming re-assessment of all DLA claimants and the resultant weeding out of the many thousands (and there will be) in receipt of the higher mobility component when not entitled.





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