March of the Scroungers

This is a classic and deserves a blog of its very own.

A BENEFIT cheat who claimed he could only walk 15 yards was caught on camera striding down the street in a PIPE BAND. The Scot, who hasn’t worked in more than three decades, told the authorities his health was so bad he couldn’t tie his own laces.

He claimed disability allowance and also got carer’s allowance after claiming he needed help to cook.

Good God!

It gets worse….

He (the judge) added “You have been living a comfortable lifestyle as a result of your benefits – allowing you to pay £100 a month TV subscriptions, £80 a month on drink and £120 a month on travel.”

This is the reality of DLA. A widely abused benefit that allows people to go unchecked for decades and costs the taxpayer millions in fraud.  Another shocking case of spongerlitis exposed and it won’t be the last until Atos begin the DLA re-assessment process.


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