3 thoughts on “The outing of JS477

  1. Multiple IDs are a desperate tactic of the Digital Spy sickness benefit fraudsters. They need to give the impression that people support their faking and scamming. Hard working tax payers know that the great British public has had enough of these parasites, and at last Atos is exposing their shameless thieving asses. Oh and let me remind everyone that Incapacity Benefit claimants are, statistically, poorly educated. There’s a surprise. Pretending to have a Law degree is hilarious!!

    1. Particularly now their own slanderous forums have been closed down. There’s three or four scroungers on DS at the most, it’s just that they all have three or four ID’s each…..at the very least.

  2. Well guys, thats what they do with their time when the rest of us taxpayers are at work, the lazy slobs! I wonder if when they’re telling anyone who’ll listen to their stories of deprivation and hardship that they can afford “expensive” internet access? You may also note that whenever you venture past a house where the occupants are on the disability benefits a few things- nice new car and sky satellite dish! not doing that badly are they! Just look at the current series on the biography channel “the Chawners Last Chance”. A family of four all obese wanting the world on a plate (deep fried of course)! None have done a hands turn in over 15 years, but have all comforts of any family who actually work! Why should we pay their way when their disability is self inflicted?

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