End of the Blue Badge Scrounge

...much harder to get than a Blue Badge!

We’ve all seen it; a flash motor, displaying a blue badge, screeches into the disabled bay of a supermarket car park. The driver leaps out, sprints into the store and emerges a few minutes later clutching an eight-pack of lager.

This situation has arisen as it’s always been easier to get hold of a Blue Badge than a Blue Peter badge (your local boozer was always a good place to buy a fake) but new regulations brought in on January 1st 2012 should make it harder for scroungers to park in disabled bays then leap out of their cars and hurtle into the local Asda.  Another good move by the coalition in clamping down on the UK’s endemic sickness/benefit fraud, which, in this case, costs the taxpayer around £46m a year. Even organisations representing the disabled can’t argue with this one. Helen Dolphin, director of policy and campaigns at Disabled Motoring UK, said:

“After years of campaigning for improvements to the blue badge scheme, I’m delighted that changes that make the scheme fit for the 21st Century have been introduced.”

So am I Helen, so am I!


It was VICTORY over SCROUNGERS day in the House of Lords as the government smashed the DLA welfare extremists into a humiliating defeat. Despite the best efforts of the benefit-lovers, who tried to bully peers through an internet email campaign, the Lords were more convinced by the arguments of those of us who launched our own email campaign.We won, without resorting to threats or using emotive language/emotional blackmail or churning out barefaced lies. Our FACTS won the day just as they’ve won the overall argument and convinced 84% of the British welfare change is a necessity to weed out the hundreds of thousands of false sickness benefit claimants. From now on, January 17 will be known as VS day!



Finally, what is the sickness benefit fraud figure again? 0.5% according to the scrounging apologists who don’t understand how to interpret statistics/confidence levels correctly. Just look at a DWP (Benefits Agency) report from 1997.

The Benefits Agency estimated that 8% of these claims were”definite” fraud and a further 3% or so were “possible” fraud. In 1998, the government estimated that 2 out of 7 people claiming disability living allowance were entitled to none of that benefit at all. Then there was the estimate by the Labour government more recently that 1m people on incapacity benefit should not be on that benefit. You need not call that fraud. (I DO!!) but the benefit is only intended for those incapable of work. Implicitly, a million people were not considered to be incapable of work yet they were claiming that they were.

Oh dear, oh dear, how embarrassing for those repeatedly churning out the 0.5% mantra. So, back in 1997/98 DLA fraud was already somewhere between 8-14%.  As DLA handouts have mushroomed by more than 30% since ’97/’98 does anyone with a modicum of intelligence really believe the 8 – 14% figure has miraculously dropped to 0.5%?  I know of one or two people who do, but, there again, they don’t have a modicum of intelligence!


and finally…

We had joy, we had fun, we were sponging in the sun.

More than 10,000 Britons are claiming sickness benefits while living abroad at a cost of around £49m to the taxpayer. Some are even living in Jamaica where no doubt they’ll be smoking industrial amounts of ganja to ease the crippling pain of their “bad backs.” At least 4000 will  avoid any reassessment whatsoever and be able to claim sickness handouts until they reach retirement.  Look out for queues of scroungers at airports, desperate for flights to Jamaica in order to avoid their forthcoming Atos medical.



Back on Digital Spy and enjoying winding up the welfare extremists!!


5 thoughts on “End of the Blue Badge Scrounge

  1. God i hope your right about the lazy bastards getting forced back into work! At least with a recession on, the do gooders cant say much against a benefits crackdown! The next step needs to be getting the long term unemployed off their fat spotty arses and into work- that will be a massive undertaking considering there’s 3 generations of them is many families! How about the mobility car scheme? why cant the government lay on a ring and ride service instead- how many millions would that save? i know of one family who use their mobility car once a week! how is that cost effective? Keep up the good work!

    1. You make excellent points Ben. Practically everyone knows someone who’s falsely claiming sickness benefits. The Incapacity benefit holiday is over for many feckless scroungers and the DLA fraudsters are now on borrowed time after the humiliating defeat of their supporters in the House of Lords.

    1. …and if I’m lucky I’ll be able to tap into the lavish sickness benefits system. “Oh Doc, I’m sick in the head, can you help me claim loads of cash for the next ten ears without any assessments?”

      Are you a scrounger BTW?
      Actually, don’t bother replying, I already know the answer!

    2. Sorry “YOURAWANKER” (strange uppercase internet name but never mind) but us in the real world, you know the one where real adults actually work for a living and pay taxes, are sick of the PC middle class labourite brigade glossing over the millions of bone idle dinnertime risers of which you are undoubtably one. Get used to it, if we eventually get our way you’ll be getting up at 6.30am every morning for work soon, just like i have been doing for 25 years, you good for nothing slob.

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