Stamps for Shirkers

Great news for scroungers, particularly DLA spongers who like to ease their lifelong, debilitating physical symptoms (usually caused by a “bad” back) through vigorously working out at the local gymnasium several times a week and/or by playing a regular eighteen holes at the golf course. Courtesy of the Royal Mail’s proposed “Stamps for Shirkers” scheme benefit addicts might soon be able to post off their gym/golf club membership renewal forms at a cheaper rate than those of the working population. What next for DLA/ESA claimants, cheaper fuel, food, clothes, cars (oops, I forgot,cars are already free to many DLA claimants) or holidays?

There was a time you could pop into your local boozer and within five minutes be approached by a shady looking character selling a variety of goods. Those days might well return if the Royal Mail implement their bizarre stamp program. Sickness benefit fraudsters will surely snap up books of cut-price first and second class then sell them for profit to pissed-up drinkers. Prepare yourself for a man in a wheelchair to approach you at the bar, open his coat and reveal a wad of postage stamps, then plead with you to buy some in order to help the “disabled.” DONT! He’s almost certainly one of the many thousands of DLA fraudsters currently on the loose until Atos begin their assessments. Once outside he will most likely leap out of his wheelchair, throw it into the boot of his motability scheme BMW and head off to continue the scrounging elsewhere.


Britain is top of the disabilty handouts league!!

Embarrassingly, Britain now has the highest proportion of working-age people on disability benefit in the developed world. And while just 3  per cent of Japanese people and 5  per cent of Americans live in households where no one works, the figure in Britain is a humiliating 13  per cent.

Tens of thousands are apparently unable to work because of dizziness, depression, headaches and phobias, while 2,000 people claim benefits because they are ‘too fat to work’.


given the British people are better housed, fed and cared for than any generation before, it beggars belief that today more than 2.5 million people of working age are paid almost £8 billion in disability benefits!!

Guess what the majority of the British public who see this abuse of the system on a daily basis think:

According to a YouGov poll for Prospect magazine, a staggering 74 per cent of us think that the Government should slash benefits. Young and old, Labour and Tory, rich and poor: every single social group believes it is time to cut back. As the pollster Peter Kellner points out, such public unanimity is almost unprecedented.

More good news is that the government are to provide ESA claimants in the work-related activity group with practical work experience. This sounds like a reasonable scheme and, contrary to the claims of the benefit extremists, terminally ill claimants won’t be sanctioned for non-participation.

The DWP said that although there was nothing in the proposals to prevent terminally ill cancer patients from being financially penalised for refusing work experience placements, it believed it would be “absurd” for jobcentre managers to apply sanctions in such cases.

A DWP spokesperson said: “It is clear that some groups wish to label people with a variety of illnesses and conditions as unable to work. This is not only wrong, it is unfair to those individuals who despite their illness want to keep working.

“Our reforms look at what an individual can do and wants to do. For those claimants for whom work is not a realistic option, there will be unconditional support available.”

This is another good idea from IDS, Chris Grayling and the DWP in their quest to smash the UK’s sickness benefit culture.


4 thoughts on “Stamps for Shirkers

  1. Im looking forward to the up and coming treats – and a website is a brilliant idea! This blog certainly captures the mood of the country, who have had enough of the millions of scroungers bleeding us dry through our welfare system! Im particularly enjoying the blind terror of the millions of DLA claimants who filled out their self assessment form claiming they could barely walk – particularly those faking Charcot Marie Tooth Disease! Now they must be examined in person! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Atos. Hoping the website comes off. What are the symptoms of this Charcot disease? Do they include the urge to impersonate a barrister, pose on an sleazy internet sex site wearing only a skimpy towel or claim they were once a professional sportsman? A serious medical is required in this case!

    1. Fantastic!! It just about sums up the UK’s scrounging culture. I’ve read her posts on Digital Spy.
      She’d make an ideal partner for our sex-starved legal professional.
      Let’s put them in touch!

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