FOUR!!! Swinging the lead and the Five Iron!

Another scrounging classic that merits a post of its own.

A GOLF-loving benefits cheat has narrowly avoided jail after being filmed on the green while claiming he could hardly move.

Albert Davies, 68, claimed nearly £30,000 in five years after saying his rheumatoid arthritis meant he could not get in and out of the shower.

Davies, who got the highest level of Disability Living Allowance, also told officials that he needed his wife’s help to cut his food.

He was rumbled when investigators filmed him playing golf in Sutton Coldfield, West Mids, several times. He was also secretly recorded carrying his clubs and changing his shoes.

Trevor Meegan, prosecuting, told Stafford Crown Court that Davies had initially made a genuine claim in 2004 before being filmed in 2010.

Darren Whitehead, defending, said Davies had received a “revolutionary” drug in 2005 which helped ease his symptoms *snigger* but felt “shame” for what he had done.

Davies, from Walmley, West Mids, admitted failing to give prompt notification of a change of circumstances for benefit purposes and to dishonestly making a false representation for benefit purposes.

Recorder Benjamin Nicholls said his scam was a “deliberate swindling of the benefits system”.

He added: “He cheated the taxpayer; he cheated those who make genuine claims. It was thoroughly dishonest.

“You have disgraced yourself; you have brought shame on your family.”

Davies was given a ten-week suspended sentence and will be tagged for three months. 

As this blog has pointed out numerous times in the past, DLA parasites (usually with a “back condition”) just love playing golf. Along with the gymnasium, the golf course is the preferred hideout of your average malingerer.

Benefit extremists continually tell us how those “disabled” with “lifelong conditions” don’t require regular assessment. Ladies and gentleman, I present the above case of Mr Davies for whom the wonders of medical science allowed him to smash golf balls down the fairway despite him being unable to “cut up his own food.” A “revolutionary” drug indeed!

It’s amazing  how, once they’re caught out, these  DLA spongers with “lifelong conditions” claim they forgot to report their sudden and miraculous recovery to the DWP!

It would appear “lifelong conditions” can be considerably eased with the aid of modern medicines, making it even more baffling as to how Britain has such a high number of “disabled” people incapable of work.

One thought on “FOUR!!! Swinging the lead and the Five Iron!

  1. Another one bites the dust,haha! Greedy sods should be made to pay back every last penny. The sentence is laughable, why tag a man in his 60’s? He’s not arsed about having to stay in at night, what a farce. At least the ten bob millionaires at the golf club will be takin the mick next time he’s there so it might spoil his favourite hobby with any luck!

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