The A-Z of Scrounging: E-G


After DLA Employment Support Allowance is the handout scroungers love to claim. More financially lucrative than JSA, the re-branded Incapacity Benefit has been widely abused for years with “illnesses” such as “mental health problems” replacing the “bad back” epidemic of the 80’s and early 90’s. As heavy industry declined new ailments needed to be found to avoid working and the easily claimed ESA catered for this. However, since the introduction of more rigorous  assessments, a staggering one-third of ESA claimants fail to attend their appointment with Atos. More than third of the remainder are fit for work while another third are able to work with help. These numbers dwarf the number of successful appeals!


An “illness” for which you can claim lucrative disability handouts.

Fluctuating (condition)

“Illnesses” whose symptoms conveniently worsen at any mention of the word “work” or immediately before an Atos medical assessment. Such ailments are guaranteed to miraculously improve when the words “gymnasium,” “round of golf” or “waterslide” are heard. Strangely enough, many sickness benefit claimants forget to inform the DWP of any improvements to their fluctuating conditions.


See ESA, DLA, Blue Badge Scheme etc. Nobody knows the true numbers of a covert activity such as fraud but the ESA assessments suggest anywhere from the high 30 percents upwards of claimants were receiving this benefit when not entitled to.  The forthcoming DLA re-assessments should be very revealing. Once thing is certain though, sickness benefit fraud is HUGE!

G is for giblet

The man who statistically destroyed the Mirror’s “32 deaths a day” story.Lies, damn lies and statistics:

The 21% who are relatively fit to work, 1,100 passed away.

A group that got given full care, representing 22%, 5,300 passed away.

If we base mortality rates on just the 300,000 who appealed (but far more are in the working group), the mortality rates based on the 34 weeks works out at 560 per 100,000.

The average mortality rate for the whole UK is 655 per 100,000.

Bearing in mind there are far more than the 300,000 people, the mortality rate in that group is much lower than the ‘healthy populace (seeing the Dr probably helps!).

So the story is actually an average number of people died who were put in the working group…..

Thanks Giblet, you saved me the job of working out the figures.

Another lie exposed!


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