Britain’s Scrounging Capital

Scroungers -the bottom feeders of society

Where is the scrounging capital of Britain?

No, it’s not Telford or geordieskiveland!

Good day scrounge-pickers. It’s time to count down the top ten sponging areas of Great Britain. Will you be surprised? Not ‘arf!

The begging-bowl is out in Bolsover as Derbyshire’s scroungers slither in at number ten while new at a spongetastic nine is Amber Valley.

Och aye the noo….swinging the lead rather than tossing the caber is Clackmannonshire at number eight and at a less- than-magnificent seven is the malingerlicious South Derbyshire.

Grab those crutches if you live in Erewash, great mate, you’re straight in at a sickly six, just a quick motability car drive away from our fluctuating five – Derby.

At FOUR!! are the good golfing folk of handoutmongous Halton with barely the thickness of an ESA 50 separating them from number three – the Atos botherers of nearby Knowsley.

Leeching in at two are the North West Leicestershire layabouts but at number one for the first time this year are the blister-bursting, haemorrhoid-hurting, scroungasmic parasites of Brentwood, Essex!

Are these the dregs of society? Not ‘arf mate!


2 thoughts on “Britain’s Scrounging Capital

  1. The time has finally arrived! The ‘towel wearers’ Atos assessment will take place next month! He is preparing the ground, as he now claims he cannot walk, propel a wheelchair, or even stand up! Last year however he revealed he could walk, drive and even swim! How things change when the threat of an end to a life on the sick, at the taxpayers expense, is pending! As he is a total fake he will be putting on an Oscar winning performance, but i am trusting the excellent Atos HCPs to fail him!

    1. Lol! File under Fluctuating Condition. A lengthy but ultimately fruitless appeal would be huge fun with months of ranting and raving. Fingers are well and truly crossed. Come on Atos, do your duty!

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