Cristina Odone on the real disability bullies

IDS – enemy of the scrounger, champion of the genuinely disabled

A great article by Cristina Odone that sums up some of the odious type of characters who oppose any reform of “disability” benefits.

Cristina nails them perfectly;

 powerful and often extremist lobby.…… The disability lobby includes politically-savvy activists who know this, and know just which buttons to press. Like PETA, the animal rights lobby, these campaigners are prepared to fight dirty…..Emotional manipulation and shock value are routine in their demonstrations.

Unfortunately, for these vile creatures;

with IDS’s defiant stand in today’s Telegraph: he will not be derailed from reforming the disability benefit system.

IDS has the GBP on his side when it comes to these reforms. The majority live in the real world (they even meet real women and don’t have to advertise for them on sleazy internet sites) and witness flagrant abuse of ESA/DLA on a daily basis.

As CO says;

The system clearly needs radical changes: it allows alcoholics and drug addicts to take away more than someone who’s blind; it allows anyone to fake a back ache and stay off work, earning money as they do so. Few claimants are ever seen or checked, and stolen identities are now a huge factor.

Three cheers for Cristina! 

An all-time classic scrounging thread on DS. 

Thanks… everyone who’s reading my blog. The number of “hits” has been incredible, especially as I have no means of advertising and don’t have time to blog as much as I would like to due to work commitments.

As long as people keep visiting I’ll keep blogging.



2 thoughts on “Cristina Odone on the real disability bullies

  1. That is a great article from Cristina. I also read the DS thread, which i thought was despicable. A single mother with 6 children (ie breeding for benefits), was COMPLAINING that her benefits were being cut from £760 a WEEK to the cap of £500! No wonder this country is in a complete mess because of the scrounging underclass. I noticed that a FM who fakes Charcot Marie Tooth disease to live on benefits, was telling her how to fiddle the DLA system, and even admitted how easy it was! Totally disgusting scum.

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