Pissheads and smackheads to lose sickness benefits

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UK scrounging was thrown into turmoil yesterday at the news alcoholics and druggies could have their handouts withdrawn if they refuse treatment for the addictions preventing them gaining employment. As usual, the welfare extremists excuse the lack of self-control of these spongers and call for even more money to be flushed down the benefits toilet.This, despite the fact a staggering 160,000 drunks are pissing away one or more welfare handout they’ve been scrounging for more than 10 years. Throw in 400,000 druggies lining the pockets of their dealers with taxpayers money and you understand why the majority of the British public are in favour of sickness benefit reforms. Incredibly,

Almost 40,000 people who claim incapacity benefits have alcoholism as their primary diagnosis. Of these, 13,300 have been claiming for a decade or more.

As usual, IDS has got this one right and promises tough love for for those with self-inflicted conditions. I’m going to get drunk to celebrate this great news which will probably make me eligible for a hefty DLA payment!


Scrounging Petitions 

A quick check of the governments e-petitions provides a revealing insight into how the public at large view sickness benefit reforms (almost 75% in favour as quoted by Nicky Campbell on this morning’s The Big Questions).  The petition “Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families” currently languishes behind both “Keep Formula 1 Free To Air in the UK” and “Stop the beer duty escalator.” Oh dear…………. Meanwhile, the anti-Atos petition barely scrapes onto Page 7 and is less popular than “Ban the Use and Sale of Chinese Lanterns,” “No to VAT on The Cornish Pasty,” “Make it a legal requirement to report a road accident involving a cat,” and “Make ‘Engineer’ a protected title.” Sorry extremists, your campaign of bullying, intimidation and emotional blackmail has spectacularly backfired!


It’s great to see the award winning Atos (95% of ESA medicals audited as a Grade A or B) as partners in the paralympic games. If the 88.6% customer satisfaction rate for the professionalism and approach of Atos healthcare staff is replicated by their IT division then the games should be a huge success.


I’ve a hangover after celebrating this great news so I’m going to claim sickness benefits for the next twenty years. Twenty years of incapacity benefits for headaches could never happen though, could it?


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