The A – Z of Scrounging: H – J

Paralympic partners.
Paralympic partners


Life threatening illness that allows the avoiding of work and claiming of ESA handouts; “I can’t sit down for any length of time else my piles will explode. I can’t stand up for long periods else my piles will explode. I can’t use a telephone for long periods else my piles will explode. I can’t “…….etc,etc.


Exaggerated statements favoured by welfare terrorists when arguing against any reform to sickness benefits. Most common are the terms “Nazi, death camps, disabled hater” and “evil” while unproven references to Atos and the government (they actually mean the Tories) being responsible for the deaths of the disabled are also in abundance.    

Incapacity Benefit

The easily claimed forerunner of ESA. Traditionally, huge numbers of IB claimants suffered from difficult- to-diagnose “bad back” syndromes. This has been replaced by ESA, claimed by huge numbers suffering from difficult- to-diagnose “mental health” syndromes.

 JSA (Jobseekers Allowance)

The benefit many of those found fit for work after assessment should naturally migrate to. Remarkably, large numbers of former ESA claimants fail to do so suggesting they either don’t need the money or have never been interested in finding work.

2 thoughts on “The A – Z of Scrounging: H – J

  1. I don’t normally comment on blogs but as you have classed me as a scrounger I thought I might make an exception. I have a congenitally deformed heart, I have had 6 heart attacks the last requiring a number of resuscitations followed by 3 sessions of surgery, I live thanks to continuing surgery and extreme chemical support. However 30% of my heart tissue is dead and no longer contributes to the pumping action, the left ventricle is severely damaged. I have asymmetric blood pressure which causes me to pass out from time to time. I worked (and paid all taxes due) for over 40 years. I ran 2 businesses and put my money into my pension knowing I would have to take early retirement. Well the banks and pension companies took care of that and decimated the funds and the consequent slump removed any value in the businesses. When I applied for incapacity benefit (£90 a week) no medical records were consulted because “there is no obligation to seek consult or consider” them. No clinical tests were conducted in the 14 minutes it took an Atos doctor (with no cardiac training) to declare me fit for work using a system that earned its designers a $23million fine. They could have looked at 4 angiograms, 3 MRI scans, 14 ultra sound tests. They could have looked at the results of the cardio-stress tests they chose not to. When I appealed they delayed the process for 6 months (no income) and then 2 days before the tribunal had a change of heart and reversed their decision rather than defend it. I do not object to being subject to a stringent medical test, I do object to there being no medicine or testing involved. It is easy to class people on benefit as scroungers but if you choose to apply that epithet to me then you must expect a reply. I paid my dues, would continue to work if I could, I am prepared to undergo any test required but I am not prepared to be labelled a parasite by someone with no knowledge of me who hasn’t the decency to state that not all benefit recipients are guilty of the offence.

    1. When did I class you as a scrounger or a parasite? I don’t know you personally. This blog targets those who are cheating the system and bringing it into disrepute. I can answer your last sentence by stating quite categorically not all welfare recipients are scroungers. Nobody is saying that. The majority, I believe, are genuine but there is a significant minority who chose to exaggerate or falsify illnesses to claim more lucrative sickness benefits rather than JSA or to avoid work. The huge numbers voluntarily signing off ESA before assessment gives us a clue. My blog goes into detail about this.
      There are undoubtedly flaws in the Atos system of assessment but it’s the DWP who decide on fitness for work. Again, my blog details the independent audit of Atos assessments and the satisfaction rate of those who’ve gone through the process.

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