Team Scrounge: Going For Gold!

A typical ESA/DLA sponger under hypnosis

It was described as “leftie crap” by one Tory MP but in reality the opening ceremony of the London Olympics could have been a far worse celebration of the nation’s sickness benefit culture. We did see children suddenly leaping from their death- beds quicker than a DLA cheat finding out the BGT auditions are in town but, despite how scroungers love their skydiving, it was only the Queen who parachuted into the stadium. Danny Boyle’s romp through British history might have included the Thatcher era with performers clutching their backs then waving a decade-long sicknote and a huge wad of cash. The late nineties onwards could have been depicted with performers, accompanied by depressing music, clutching their foreheads then waving a decade-long sicknote and a huge wad of cash. Thankfully, there wasn’t a bad back, unspecified mental health condition or free motability car in sight. If there was a Gold medal for scrounging sickness benefits then “Team GB” would be a shoe-in……

Thousands of people have been on sickness benefits for a decade or longer because they suffer from conditions including acne, bad backs and persistent coughs.

Official figures show that 885,100 have been signed off as being too sick to work and given incapacity benefit for ten years or more.

They have a bewildering array of conditions. Nearly 70,000 have been signed off due to bad backs while a further 140,000 have been away from the work place because of ‘depressive episodes’.

Which other country could match us?

It has also taken 30 people more than a decade to recover from fractured forearms.

More than 12,800 have been claiming benefit for their alcoholism since at least 2001, according to the figures, which cover claims up to the end of last year.

Another 9,800 have been on benefits for their drug problems.

20 have been signed off because of conjunctivitis, an eye condition that can usually be cleared up within days.

A further 20 have been off work and on benefits with a cough listed as their main illness and 20 more claimants have been suffering from rashes.

Some 1,300 have been claiming incapacity benefit for a decade or more because of diarrhoea and gastro-enteritis.

Malaise and fatigue – something many workers can claim they suffer from – is the main condition listed for 4,390 long-term sickness claimants.

Go Team Scrounge!

Hang ’em High

One MP has suggested scroungers should be hung from lamposts…. well, their pictures that is. I’m in full agreement with Tel:

Terry Moran, Director General, Chief Operating Officer at DWP wants to disgrace these bogus claimants.

‘If I had my way I would put their photograph on every lamppost in the street where they live because it is a very distressing thing for genuinely disabled people to see the reputation of disabled people damaged in the way that [it] is by those people,’

The figures support our Terry:

Some 47,000 people who have been claiming incapacity benefit have been found to be fit for work.

Nearly 13,000 of these have taken this money for 10 years and a further 3,900 have taken it for 15 years.


And finally, arise (quite literally!) Sir Barry Brooks, King of the Wheelchair Scroungers.

A benefits cheat who claimed to be wheelchair-bound is facing a hefty jail sentence after swindling £1.5m to fund a

luxury lifestyle, including scuba diving holidays and a high-powered motorbike.

Barry Brooks, 49, who claimed he was unable to climb stairs, had to use an electric wheelchair and could not lift anything heavier than a sandwich, set up a business aimed at helping get disabled people into work entitling him to receive grants.

He then siphoned off cash into his own accounts.

The self-styled ‘Knight’, who insisted on being called ‘Sir Barry’, stole hundreds of thousands of pounds for himself in claims put through the fake business for taxis to the office and support.

P.S CONGRATULATIONS to Atos on winning the lions share of the contarcts for PIP assesments! Fakers, scroungers and the workshy will be trembling in their golf-club locker – rooms and gymnasiums while Digital Scrounger is gripped with fear. As with ESA though the genuine have nothing to fear with Atos aiming to maintain their high quality assessments:

Independent audits have confirmed that Atos Healthcare is providing a high standard of service in its WCA role. We are the first to recognise that in a role as complex as this it is our day-to-day duty to continuously look for ways to improve all aspects of our work.”

The DWP said: “Providers have already been working with disabled people and their organisations in the design of the process, and DWP will be closely monitoring and auditing assessments to ensure their quality and consistency.”–acne-cough-The-astonishing-cases-885-000-benefit-claimants.html

2 thoughts on “Team Scrounge: Going For Gold!

  1. Congratulations to the award winning Atos on gaining the PIP contract! They are doing a brilliant job with the WCAs, and no doubt they will continue their first class work!

    1. It’s terrible news for shirkers and fraudsters but great for genuine claimants;

      The Government yesterday described the DLA – worth up to £131.50 a week – as an outdated benefit and said the new assessment would “ensure that, unlike in DLA, disabled people will be able to have a detailed discussion with a health professional about how their impairment affects their everyday lives”.

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