Fraud,Lies and Statistics

Extremists caught lying again

“Grayling censors video!” screamed Labour and left-wing newspapers at “reports” the Employment minister had forced the removal from YouTube of a Ministry of Justice video concernin the ESA appeals process. The semi-naked barrister quickly led his dwindling band of Digital Spy cronies in the ranting only for egg to be quickly splattered all over their faces. 😆

The Department for Work and Pensions told MailOnline Mr Grayling never asked for the video to be pulled.


‘At no point did the Department ask for the video to be taken down,’ a spokesman for the DWP said.

Oh dear….

It’s almost as embarrassing as posing on a sleazy internet site wearing only a towel! 😆

What this incident did highlight though is the depths to which the sickness-benefit entitlement brigade will sink to try and justify continuing to pocket the lavish handouts many currently receive.

As usual, The Mail provided some truly shocking statistics which demonstrates the shambles that is ESA/DLA:

Official figures show that 885,100 have been signed off as being too sick to work and given incapacity benefit for ten years or more.

They have a bewildering array of conditions. Nearly 70,000 have been signed off due to bad backs while a further 140,000 have been away from the work place because of ‘depressive episodes’. Ten people have been on incapacity benefit for a decade or more because of acne, while 670 have been signed off because they are obese.

The good old DM and this blog – exposing the real cheats and liars!

Even the DWP don’t believe their own fraud figures

Panorama’s Disabled and Faking It? (Monday 30/7) showed us how large numbers of the 7% of the working population who claim sickness benefits are either bogus or capable, with help, of returning to work. An incredible £13bn pa is spent on incapacity benefits alone and already one – third of claimants assessed have been found fit for work! The government and the DWP simply don’t believe their own figure of 0.5% as the true number of scroungers.

“There’s a perception within DWP that there are large amounts of people on disability benefits who just shouldn’t be there and what they’re doing is trying to find them and weed them out.” –Professor Paul Gregg (former DWP advisor)

Now, why would they have this view? It’s obvious to the DWP as it is to every sensible person that there simply can’t be so many people incapable of work.

Meanwhile, Chris “Tough Love” Grayling again dismissed the lies of the welfare extremists who claim this is merely a cost-cutting measure.

“This is not a financial exercise.”

Professor Harrington admitted the WCA had been patchy across some areas but stressed how the system has been improved. It’s well on its way, however, which can only be good news for genuine claimants but bad for feckless, workshy malingerers.

The Paralympics

I’ll be giving C4’s coverage a miss. This obviously makes me a bad person. The Olympic Games is the pinnacle of many sports and this just feels like a watered-down version. Perhaps it’s why no American broadcaster will be showing the Games live.

The UK won 102 medals in Beijing, finishing second in the medals table. This is undoubtedly testament to the fact we are a kind and sympathetic nation that cares for and invests in our disabled.  Listening to the continuous bleating of a tiny minority of activists you would think the opposite was true. Thankfully, their incoherent ramblings are largely ignored by the majority of the population.

6 thoughts on “Fraud,Lies and Statistics

  1. I see the Charcot Marie Tooth faker is still spreading his poisonous lies! Its good to know however that like thousands of others he visits this blog for the truth! People are still PM-ing about him on DS, as they cant work out how someone with such bad muscular atrophe in their fingers can type on the internet day and night! They soon avoid him when they find out the truth!

    1. Have you noticed how most FM’s, apart form his little clique, completely ignore his posts? Remember how his scrounging squad had to use multiple ID’s to counter our arguments?
      It’s great how I still get under his skin and he’s now jealous over the success of my blog. I’m thrilled and surprised at how many thousands of readers I have and only wish I had time to update it more regularly.
      It’s such a shame our semi-naked barrister didn’t have time to delete his romantic profile before I grabbed a copy! I’m looking at the photo now- lol!

  2. maybe the person with musculardystrophy who types on the computer uses voice recognition software. There are other ways of sending text without using a keyboard. This is the 21st century.

    1. In that case why dont they get an office job using their voice recognition software and get off the backs of those of us who work for a living! After all, this is the 21st century.

  3. The trouble with all the people i know of who are on DLA is they are completely capable of work if only they would get off their arses. i know of a lady who has MS but due to having pride in herself and a strong work ethic doesnt sit at home every day feeling sorry for herself and victimised, but gets a taxi to work in the local magistrates court. If she can manage it,whats the 16 stone, 6ft2 active and fit bloke who i know who broke his elbow 3 years ago still doing on the sick? BTW, he re-landscaped his back garden the same year he went on the sick so the elbow cant be that bad can it? He also manages to go fishing regularly in his brand new top of the range vw golf! In the documentary on Channel 4 one of the ATOS assessors said if someone is capable of pushing a button they are deemed fit for work, which i suppose amounts to the same as sitting in front of a computer venting their bile on those of us who think they should get jobs, and there’s plenty of those!

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