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Atos-Simply the best! smile 

“Book’em Danno!”

That was probably the command when Police arrested welfare scrounger Abdul Esfandmozd. Despite being proficient in the Hawaiian Hula and with the holiday snaps to prove it, Abdul claimed he was so disabled he couldn’t even stand up without crutches!  For a decade Mr Snakehips had gyrated his way to a haul of £100,000 cash, foreign holidays, property investments and engaged in the dangerous sports and activities beloved of your average “disabled” fraudster. As with all these types of low-life he remained in a state of denial despite being caught red-handed and even attended court in the wheelchair he was proven not to need. His reaction on being convicted?

“I am innocent, like Jesus on the cross!” 😯

Fairly ironic considering Jesus made the blind see and the lame walk. All it took for Abdul to rise from his wheelchair was a slice of the lucrative sickness benefit pie.

Good old Abdul, yet more proof of why this thoroughly discredited benefit system needs its current overhaul.


Running, surfing, fighting, dancing and fast cars – for Abdul, all those other fakers caught enjoying the high–life and the thousands soon to be exposed by Atos.


Atos – supporting Paralympians and the 2012 games.

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