…and he even worked for the DWP!

A typical request to Atos? lol

It’s little wonder disability fraud has reached such epidemic levels when even the government body charged with curbing scrounging is actually employing these feckless wasters themselves!

Dean Woods, 44, claimed disability living allowance for severe back problems and was given four months special leave on full pay, while bosses at the Department for Work and Pensions tried to source more than £40,000 of workstation equipment to help him continue his job as a benefits decision maker. 😯

Woods followed the traditional pattern of the “disabled” fraudster;

a)    Dangerous sports.

Perhaps somewhat telling is the photograph of him climbing Sydney Harbour bridge.

b)    Foreign holidays.

Investigators found he was boarding a flight to Turkey at Manchester Airport.

c)    Loves energetic dancing.

A video also showed him rocking out with a pool cue – ironically the soundtrack includes ‘Do You Love Me? (Now That I Can Dance)’ by The Contours and ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen.

d)    A DIY enthusiast.

Pictures seized after his arrest last August show Woods…. building his extension.

e)    A lover of physical activities.

The defendant’s laptop contained numerous images that show him gardening, climbing trees, playing football and throwing his children around in a swimming pool.

f)     A petrol-head.

Investigators, who were tipped off by an anonymous call to the benefit fraud line, discovered a brand new motorbike in his garage.

g)    In a state of denial when caught red-handed.

Woods told interviewers he was able to do the things in the photographs because he had been taking his medication.

h)   Brazenly attempting the deception to the very end.

Woods, who hobbled into the dock using a walking stick.

It’s not as if there’s not a culture of sickness benefit scrounging is there…..?

Wood’s mother, Kathleen Woods, 63, of Warton, near Preston, was given a conditional discharge three weeks ago for a similar matter in which she overclaimed £6,500 in disability allowance.

Look out for the tell-tale signs particularly the obsession many fakers have for photographing themselves. Some even upload the pictures to the internet! 😉

Be vigilant, there are huge numbers of spongers out there!



2 thoughts on “…and he even worked for the DWP!

  1. What a complete loser, like you say, they’re that stupid or confident of not being found out that they photograph themselves! DWP should refuse to give him benefits for 10 years after he comes out of jail but that wont happen will it? Pity he only got 60 days, i’d have put him on hard labour for 12 months but that would have been unfair wouldn’t it? Still, at least he’s been named and shamed!

    1. You’re right Ben. Such a tiny percentage of scroungers are actually caught meaning the majority can openly flaunt their sponging, safe in the knowledge they’ll almost certainly never be prosecuted. This is why every claimant needs to be re-assessed. We can’t rely on the old, discredited DLA system that amounted to little more than a scroungers charter.

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