Back of the Net!

Penalty for scrounging

Peter Iron most certainly lived up to his name. Ironman miraculously overcome an “illness” that left him only able to walk “40 yards with the aid of a stick” to turn out for Solent Lions FC.


Iron had claimed his condition left him subject to frequent falls when walking unaccompanied, and that he was unable to get himself up.

But his scam was exposed when an undercover investigator twice filmed him playing in midfield for Solent Lions Football Club – as one of the team’s most active members.

Despite claiming he struggled to walk short distances, the video footage shows him tearing around the pitch and taking a throw-in in his black and purple kit.

He shoots, he scores!

Prosecutor Rob Griffiths said Iron had claimed disability living allowance with a care component and mobility allowance.

Red card!

He scammed £48k in total, excluding win bonuses. 😆

See our new sporting superstar in action.

Another DLA fraudster bites the dust.  How many more can there be?

It’s almost endless! 😯


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