Here we go again, more bullying, lies and intimidation;


Come on then redhattwat.. put  up a link to prove it…  😛

I bet you’ve changed your username to Currysocks on those sites. 😆

You’re on those Lolita- type sites as well, aren’t you?

22:33 Redtwats arse has gone. No links. 😆

Embarrassed in front of the whole forum!

Will militant protesters try and disrupt the Atos sponsored Games?

This blog will keep one eye on the news.

Plus….shirkers, fraudsters and scroungers….but enough of DS posters, 😆 we’ll be checking the Daily Mail for more welfare scandals.

See you all soon. 😉

One thought on “DS WATCH!

  1. Hi Currysocks, please can you upload a screengrab of what Redtwats been saying about you- when i click on the link, its asks me to log in (im not a member of DS so i cant!) Also, how did you find out his questionable website preferences?

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