Sickness benefits – A Luxurious lifestyle

Courtesy of the taxpayer

Evening scroungers. *Waves to DS*

I’m really concerned about my up and coming “heavy lawsuit” for apparently impersonating the head of Atos on Digital Scrounger.So, after a week or so of careful consideration, I’ve decided how I can afford to pay the £10m fine. I’m going to claim ESA and DLA!  Let’s look at the benefits (quite literally!) Daniel Sharples is a good starting point.

Jobless Daniel Sharples, 27, claimed extra welfare payments due to his epilepsy but topped up his benefits by buying and dealing in cannabis – and then splashed out on a range of electrical goods.

When police raided his house, officers discovered it was stuffed with high value electrical goods, including a large fridge freezer, a 47-inch flat screen TV worth £700 with surround sound systems, an Xbox and a DVD player.

So, not fit enough to work but able to run a drugs business. 🙄

With my spare DLA change I’m going to join a gym, go scuba-diving and put my name down to join a golf club.

This won’t come as a surprise to everyone who follows this blog;

Sharples had also had a £44 a month Virgin subscription for his TV and had a gym membership.

I must remember to join a gymnasium once my claim is approved.

The court summed up life on sickness benefits for the average scrounger.

Reorder Clarke said Sharples’s epilepsy had not interfered with what was ‘otherwise an active and luxurious lifestyle.

Poor Danny got sent down for eight months. He should have got himself a good barrister. Anyone know a good one….?  Thought not! 😆


Sickness continues to be the main reason for being out of work in the long-term. 🙄

Sickness, both long-term and temporary, was the main reason given for not working by those people aged 16 to 64 living in workless households, accounting for 1.45 million or around 3 in every 10 workless people.

Oh look, the North East is top of the layabout league! I just can’t imagine any Geordie shirkers. 😀

Finally, congratulations to Chris Grayling on his promotion. Being tough on scroungers and tough on the causes of scrounging has catapulted Chris to a bigger job where he’ll no doubt continue his great work. On behalf of the British public, thank you Chris for standing up to the militant scum who’ve tried everything to undermine reforms to sickness benefit handouts. 😀


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