On me ‘ead son!

Here we go again! They just love their sport do DLA scroungers. If it’s not golf, the gym or dangerous pastimes it has to be the beautiful game for the parasites. There could easily be an alternative ninety two club league consisting entirely of spongers and straight in as a Premier division player manager would go John Alexander.

John Alexander, 68, was able to claim Disability Living Allowance after telling benefit officials he was barely able to move.

But he was caught red-handed training his football team – jogging, kicking, retrieving loose balls and gesticulating from the side of a pitch.

What a remarkable recovery from when he first made his claim for “disability” 😀

Alexander declared that he was ‘virtually unable to walk’ in his application for benefits.

He’d obviously benefitted from his time on the team’s treatment table and FC Manadon’s physio  must surely be destined for greater things after getting Alexander back to match fitness. I wonder if he can cure the “lifelong conditions” of the DS “disabled?” 😛

His disability was due to..

a car accident, a fishing accident and had also fallen down the stairs.

Yes, you read it right, a fishing accident. Had he tried to reel in Jaws and put his back out? 😕

Alexander had a good excuse for his activities though;

He wanted to remain in contact with the outside world.

In which case he should have just done what many other scroungers do, ie buy a PC with his lavish benefits then spam internet forums complaining how badly off he is! 😕

At least it’s another one of the hundreds of thousands of wasters nailed.


£5.5m Lottery Sponger

If ever you need proof of the greed of DLA cheats then check out geordie scrounger (sounds familiar) Lawrence Cavendish. The lure of DLA and all its benefits was all too much for this £5.5m lottery jackpot winner or his equally squalid sister who also had her snout in the benefits trough.

You have to read it to believe it but we all know there are many, many more like him out there.

I can hardly wait until Atos get to grip with the DLA shirkers.


Bless them, the  poor, sad inadequates trying to close this blog down. Keep trying … ➡

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