Orgasmining on benefits

yes, yes, yesssssss

They barely can afford to eat, crouch over a one-bar electric fire  to keep warm in the Winter and their arses are hanging out of their threadbare pants. This is the picture the welfare extremists like to  paint of our “impoverished” welfare claimants. Is it accurate or is it just them spouting their usual uniformed, emotional bullshit to try and win public sympathy? 😉   Take a look at William Irvine and decide….

William, let’s call him Willy, (you’ll soon see why) is unemployed and has unilaterally declared himself too ill to work.  He somehow survives on his meagre handouts and yet has unfairly been handed an Asbo for repeatedly holding noisy sex sessions with prostitutes in his home. Yes, prostitutes as in women who charge money for sexual services. 😯   Don’t worry though, they can’t be that expensive-he has two at a time;

Irvine admitted having prostitutes at his home at various times of the night but said he never had more than two girls around at any one time.

So, on benefits he can afford two hookers at a time as well as buy food, clothe himself and pay his utility bills.  Maybe he should try and claim DLA, if you can scrounge it for blisters and haemorrhoids  then surely an STD is a passport to untold riches.

Cases like this make it so pleasing the Government is tackling welfare sponging. Scroungers are in a panic and this blog is loving watching them squirm!  In fact, we’re almost orgasmic! 😆


One thought on “Orgasmining on benefits

  1. We can only hope his local dss office drag the lazy sod in and ask how he can afford a playboy lifestyle on benefits. Its about time all claimants were means tested, including full access to all bank accounts and assets.Why would anyone object if they have nothing to hide?

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