Upgrade to the Scrounge Package…if you’re not too depressed!

We all hate the workshy

The war on scroungers is being won…..thanks to Sky tv. Since fraud investigators gained access to SKY tv bills convictions for sponging have risen dramatically. 😀

New figures show there 9,861 benefit cheats were convicted in 2011-12, up a staggering 40% on 7,040 in 2009-2010, the last full year of the Labour government.

Proof, if we didn’t know already, as to the “essentials” these parasites spend their lucrative handouts on. I would check their shopping receipts for beer and cigarettes as well! I bet they also have the full Sky package, including the adult channels and watch on their brand new 40 inch plasma.

This won’t come as a surprise either, a scrounging Brummie 😆

Michelle Taylor, 40, of Hilton Close, Bloxwich, was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months after claiming £21,008.54 in benefits claiming she was unable to walk without physical support or a wheelchair

Guess where she was filmed walking to…..did you get it right?

She was filmed walking to the gym 😆 and also revealed to be claiming income support while walking from home.

Ian “Decent” Smith again tells us what we all know

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has admitted fraud and error is ‘rife’ in the current welfare system.     

Just look at the number

The number of cases probed by the Fraud Investigation Service reached 166,073 in 2011-12, up from 150,365 two years earlier.

Investigators should also check Digital Spy where they’ll find huge numbers of benefit-foraging plebs. 😛


Meet Stuart Murgatroyd.

He’s 41 but he’s never worked because he’s “depressed.”

However, during this time he’s;

fathered 12 children

been handed a two tear ASBO

had 125 complaints lodged against him in 3 years for loud parties, fighting and drunken behaviour.

has a long criminal record including a jail sentence for robbing the elderly.

But…..he’s always been too ill to work because he’s “depressed.”



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