There’s Commitment for you

The “Atos Ghandi” hanging around outside a Boy Scouts club……

Serial benefit claimer Christos Palmer has gone on hunger strike after being found fit for work by the DWP. How long is he prepared to go without food to highlight his cause? Weeks? Months? Or until his dying breath? Actually, it’s a week! Yes, one whole week. One welfare apologist has already compared him to Ghandi! 😯

Here he is, pictured above, protesting against Atos by sitting outside his local Boy Scout Association. 😆

You couldn’t make this sort of thing up.

Like all these welfare types it’s all bluster and hyperbole!

Read the guff if you enjoy over-emotive tripe.


5 thoughts on “There’s Commitment for you

  1. The most ironic thing about this clown doing this is if he is capable of sitting in the cold from 8am to 4pm everyday, why is he not fit to hold a job down in a nice warm office, drinking coffee and answering phones or whatever? what hours does he think he might have to work? 12 hours a day, 7 days a week? what a twerp! Mental health issues? Us workers must have them for putting up with lazy slobs like this!

  2. Hi Ben, I’m not a clown you fucking idiot, and didn’t manage 8am to 4pm, I only managed 2 hours a day due to my health problems, I’m on medications for life, I actually collapsed on the monday, and I did fast for 12 days on hunger strike, not 7, sad you wankers got all that wrong. Christos Palmer.

  3. Feel free to forward your version of events, Christos and I’ll publish it here on my blog. You can even choose a title. If you’re genuine then you’ll not be afraid to have your story scrutinised. Over to you…..

  4. Hi Christos,
    i noticed you started your reply to my comment with an obscenity. Thanks for that, it shows the state of your verbal development, i.e., that of a teenage boy. As such, when you grow up a bit, maybe you’ll stop hiding behind your medical condition and get a job. Members of my family are on lifetime medication Christos. Guess what? they ALL have full time jobs. Get over it fella, and who knows, one day you might gain some pride and inner peace in providing for yourself and your anger may subside. All the best and no hard feelings.

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