Time to tighten the noose around scroungers’ necks?

Scrounger testWelfare extremists are often heard bemoaning the fact Atos assessments can’t be voice-recorded. Would they agree to this simple solution? Southwark council has successfully implemented a lie detector system, unmasking 4,000 scroungers in only four months, saving the taxpayer £1.4m. Why not have the WCA recorded, one copy given to the client while the other is analysed and used in conjunction with all the other evidence? It seems a win-win situation to me. Would the benefit apologists oppose this scheme and if so, why? Have they something to hide?


Professor Harrington is extremely pleased with the progress of the WCA and rightly praises the government for implementing all his recommendations.

“Strenuous efforts have been made by this government to improve the system and I believe the implementation of my recommendations is changing things for the better. Improvements to the WCA to make it more sensitive, accurate and efficient are being seen.

The Prof also expresses his gratitude to the “charities, patient support groups and individuals” who helped him succeed in his endeavour.

Harrington has carried out a magnificent job in helping overhaul a sickness benefit system that had become synonymous for extreme freeloading on a wide scale. The benefits of choice for the bone-idle will soon be a distant memory and for that  the 84% of the British public who support these reforms should be grateful.

Might I suggest, “Arise Sir Malcolm Harrington.”


Some astonishing DLA statistics have been revealed by the government! 7 OUT OF 10 claim the benefit without ever being checked properly! If this continues then by 2018 1 IN EVERY 17 adults in the UK will be claiming DLA! Esther McVey says 71% of claimants receive the benefit for life, most only having filled in a single claim form. About one third had a change in condition (that would be the same “failing to inform a change in condition” normally mentioned in DWP prosecutions of spongers).

Thank goodness re-assessments will begin in October 2015. It’s still three years away yet panic has already set in amongst those feckless wasters this will affect.

It’s just a pity it can’t be introduced earlier.

On the other hand though, let the workshy layabouts sweat for another year or two. Watching them wriggle and squirm at the thought of having to work for a living is great entertainment for the rest of us!



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