How the welfare budget has mushroomed

chair…how welfare spending has increased by almost 2% of GDP since 2003.

Year     GDP-UK £ billion                   Population-UK million                Welfare-total % GDP

2003   1139.44                                         59.799                                         5.74

2004   1202.37                                         60.145                                         6.14

2005   1254.29                                         60.493                                         6.20

2006   1328.6                                           60.843                                         6.11

2007   1405.8                                           61.194                                         5.91

2008   1433.87                                          61.548                                         6.26

2009   1393.85                                          61.904                                         7.05

2010   1458.45                                          62.262                                         7.54

2011   1509.6                                            62.649                                         7.46

2012   1559.5                                            63.067                                         7.38 est

2013   1631.3                                            63.488                                         7.14 est

2014   1717.1                                            63.912                                         6.68 est

2015   1813.5                                            64.338                                         6.39 est

The above is from.

This gives a comprehensive breakdown on UK government spending from as far back as 1890.

Feel free to play around with it and look how government welfare spending as a percentage of GDP has swelled to its current levels. This ends the lie of the welfare extremists who claim the exact opposite.

Welfare spending has almost doubled in the past ten years, (£59b in 2000 to £115b in 2012) something which cannot be sustained nor defended.

Read it and you’ll understand why we simply must cap the welfare budget and get people off their backsides and into work.

An uncomfortable truth for benefit lovers!

The UK spends almost twice as much on disability benefits than other nations.

The average among the 34 OECD members – all industrialised states – is 1.3 per cent

The OECD figures show that Britain spends 2.4 per cent of national output on thebenefit – more than France, Germany, Italy or Spain.

This is 6 times more than Japan!


The study found that the share of British GDP spent on disability soared by a third between 2005 and 2009. Elsewhere spending was almost flat in the same period.

Incredibly, we still have a vocal minority who can only be described as scrounging scumbags who complain about reforms to the sickness benefit system. Perhaps they might like to emigrate although  the OECD report suggests they’d be hard-pressed to find a more generous country than the UK to sponge in!

That’s not the end of it either.

Sickness and disability made up 12 per cent of UK social spending. The average across the OECD is 9.2 per cent.

As Esther McVey rightly says

The UK continues to be a world leader in the rights for disabled people.

Listening to the vile extremists though you’d think the opposite was true!

11 thoughts on “How the welfare budget has mushroomed

  1. Isn’t it amazing that the article about the UKs huge DLA spending didn’t even get a mention by the sickness benefit mafia???? Anyone would think they were running away from the truth!!

  2. Hey arseholes, I’m gonna give your boss CaMORON a really fucking hard time next year. PS. Your scrounging slag queen gets £1million a week, not interested in the royals, fuck off, as for scroungers, your queen is one of the biggest. WANKER!

    1. Calm down Christos, you might have another of your funny turns and you don’t want to end up on the sick do you? Oh,wait…..
      What are you planning for 2013 then, another one of your “hunger strikes” outside a Boy Scouts club? Cameron will be quaking in his boots!

  3. atoskills, the Queen at 86 years of age and many of the Royal Family do a full time job for this country (including 2 princes who both serve the country in the armed forces), unlike the millions on dla sitting on their lazy arses week in and week out, only dragging themselves out of their comfy seats to get in their new mobility car to go to the gym or golf course or shopping trips to clutter up asda in front of the workers, you complete moron!

  4. …your questions should be asking ‘where does the £19 million go a year that is NOT claimed!!!! ‘ Yes – true fact that £19 million each year is not claimed by people who are entitled to it

    1. £19m is a drop in the ocean compared to the huge amounts being scrounged by the “disabled.” The same “disabled” who appear in every local newspaper, every day of the week, in a courtroom near you after being caught feigning/exaggerating illnesses.
      They always fail to report a “change in their condition.” Scum!

  5. Yes I get DLA…..and I shall explain why…..I was born with severe scoliosis (double curvature of the spine ) and a condition like Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome….you may want to look that one up….despite being in constant pain and having two failed full spinal operations – I decided I wanted to be a nurse …so whilst studying for my 8 ‘O’ Levels and 3 ‘A’ Levels, I applied to the Doncaster School of Nursing and Midwifery- granted I failed the medical twice…but, third time lucky I got in (armed with consultant’s begging letters to let me at least do a ‘trial’ and see how I went through the first year of RGN training)….they let me in !!! I worked with constant pain – dislocated my knees on a few shifts and was sent straight to A & E …i even did my psychiatric training with a full length plaster cast on my leg ….and a pair of elbow crutches ….I worked full time for over 14 years and then started to get paralysis in my left leg….it turns out my spinal column is weakening and my spinal cord is getting squeezed…sadly I had to leave my career ….and tried to work in pharmaceuticals …my medical history was definitely an ‘off putter’ to all of the potential employers. I tried to get other jobs in the medical field – even working from home typing up notes for GP’s…but ‘NO’ was the answer…after trying to get another job for three years…I gave up…the pain was unbearable and I was diagnosed with a serious heart condition…..I’ve had medicals to make sure I’m entitled to my benefits…and the dr’s who assessed me are also in agreement….What I wanted to say is that i see on various forums during the day…that people are ‘too depressed’ to work… too depressed ??? Are you kidding me??? another young girl with IBS really got on my nerves….I get an irritable bowel after a kebab/spicy curry but, it never stopped me from working….neither did a severely deformed spine and kneecaps that wouldn’t stay in place…my body may be failing – but my mind certainly isn’t… from a benefit scrounger who wants to work!!!

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