2013 and we’re off and scrounging!

OI SCROUNGER! IDS is talking to YOU!

Who couldn’t help feel sorry for Kelvin Kalloo? Poor KK was not only partially blind but also disabled and unable to walk after a car accident. Altogether now……aaahhh! 😥

Unforunately, Kelvin was yet another “disabled” claimant, who managed to fool the authorities (for SIX years) into believing he really was worthy of receiving, in this case, over £100k in handouts.  KK’s time in the welfare trough came to a sudden end when he was spotted driving THREE different cars (motability?) AND working on a market-stall!

“Was his a fluctuating condition?” I hear you ask. It appears to have fluctuated wildly and he even recovered from blindness!

..investigators from the councils found that he had ‘no apparent issues with his sight’, the court heard. They also found he was capable of walking without any help.

Like Kel’s disabilities it gets better

He also owned four homes, which were rented out.  😯


he had several bank accounts with thousands of pounds in them.    😯

Congratulations KK; the first “disabled” scrounger of 2013.

Rest assured, there’ll be many more to come.

Happy New Year.


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