Au revoir

Who wants to see the photo?
Who wants to see the photo?

It’s been a great ride but now our journey is over. The 1st April was OUR day, the day a whole raft of benefit reforms came into force. It’s what we’ve battled the vile scroungers over for the past two years. Naturally, the DS scum are incandescent  with rage and thrashing around the forums, hurling abuse at all and sundry. The chief sponger tried to turn  one thread into betfair, Windy has been wetting himself with indignation while Gibbo has been crying over his reassessment. Let us hope is next benefit journey is suitably hellish! The multi-id’s are out in force. They know their handout holiday officially ended 1/4/2013 and it’s time for a cut in benefits. It’s perhaps ironic this new era has been ushered in by the conviction of the Welfare Killer whose freedom to milk the system has also been permanently curtailed.

Work commitments mean I have little time to keep updating my blog so now seems a good time to finally end it. Despite the legal threats and bullying tactics of the welfare extremists they’ve never been able to close thegreatwelfarescrounge down and this has been a constant source of irritation to them. This blog will remain as a testament to all of us who took part in a great victory.

I’m down to my last five DS accounts and will continue to stir the scroungers up for entertainment value. I’m considering setting up a Twitter account to keep highlighting the abuses of the welfare system and will advertise this on DS if/when I decide to do it.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in making my blog hugely successful. It took off in a way I never imagined and has become so big I simply haven’t the time to maintain it. I wish you all well and will see you on DS and maybe Twitter.


there will be a Christmas panto on DS again this year.



12 thoughts on “Au revoir

  1. A sad day currysocks if you are ending your blog, but a great day for welfare reform and the end of scrounging UK! Thanks for all the hard work, and your brilliant winding up of the DS scroungers! I hope you sign off with a bang and reveal the towel wearing Charcot Marie Tooth faker in all his scrounging glory!

    1. Thank you for your support. I see the DS scroungers are still in uproar over their defeat. They were never able to close my blog down despite repeated attempts, haven’t been able to intimidate IDS and won’t get the reforms reversed even if Labour are elected. It’s amusing how the extremists on Digital Scrounger accuse posters of being me. My main ID’s are disguised too well for their simple minds to recognise and the only accounts they discover are my disposable, one-off panto-type’s. Soupbowl, katywil and lijk or whatever aren’t me but such is the paranoia of Windy “The Kwik-Fit Fitter” and his ilk that my name will forever haunt them. For them, every new opponent is Currysocks in disguise.
      Next, who knows. Currysocks must live on in some internet form. My blog has simply become too big to administer. It was receiving thousands of hits a week and been the victim of its own success. I’m looking towards a Currysocks Twitter as a way to continue without having the huge volume of work and will let everyone know what I decide.
      Thanks again and well done for not submitting to the disability bullies led by their sex-site-advertising faker.
      As for the photo, I believe there are legal rights issues in publishing pictures. Of course, I would never reproduce the photo of “The Barrister” wearing just a towel in his sex advert. Let’s hope less scrupulous internet users who also had access to the aforementioned pic feel the same.

    1. No problems for me. I imagine you might have trouble with Atos in the very near future when you’re added to the almost 1.7m who are actually fit for work.

    1. Cheers. I’ve been inundated with thank you messages and can’t possibly reply to everyone. Thank you for helping make my blog so successful and I wish you all the best for the future. It’s not the end of Currysocks though and a less time-consuming means of parasite punishing is under consideration.

  2. Thank goodness for that. The scroungers need a good whipping, they’re already frothing for the GE in 2015. Can’t wait to hear more about the new project!

  3. Good news but the srounging continues. What about the politician scroungers? Biggest scroungers of all! I do think that people looking for work are mostly genuine they have to account for their actions after all whereas the “hidden” benefits such as DLA, industrial disability, WTC etc these are where the real scroungers are hiding. I know many people on disability benefits and they’re all pulling the wool and capable of work. Nothing wrong with them but idleitis! Good luck!

  4. Currysocks, is there going to be a christmas panto on DS this year? Last years was excellent. Same scroungers still there, resisting every attempt to get them off their free computers and back into the workforce. I think a few rockets up them could genuinely help them.

    1. Hi Rod, there will be a Christmas panto this year.
      I check here every few weeks to see what’s happening and it’s still generating lots of traffic.
      I’m tempted to resurrect it but it was becoming a full-time job and I already have a full-time job (unlike many on DS!).
      I’ve another 34 comments to check but only publish the best/worst.
      I didn’t realise my blog would generate such interest and it never seems to die.
      Perhaps I hit a nerve.

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