Should I return?


It seems my blog never dies.threats and abuse continue months after I declared the nation’s victory over sickness benefit scroungers (congratulations ATOS).

Should I interrupt my busy work schedule to restart my blog or should I stick to agitating on DS?

Leave your comments.


6 thoughts on “Should I return?

  1. Tis nearly that time of year again. Panto season. How is snow white managing now she finally has to pay for her spare bedroom? Cant wait to read this years production.

    1. I can smell a good panto just as I can smell the stench of ESA/DLA entitlement.
      Will Long John Scrounger and his parrot, Captain Skint, feature?
      Is the Black Spot an illness that sickness benefit can be claimed for and did Billy Bones fake the symptoms of a stroke to fool the DWP and Atos?
      All might be revealed in……SCROUNGER ISLAND! (aka the UK)

    1. Thanks.
      Unlike the millions of DLA/ESA phonies who have little to do other than spam internet forums, I have work and a social life to fit in. I’ve not even has time to write the scrounger panto yet. I still have half a dozen DS ID’s so am still irritating the sickness benefit parasites.
      I might write the panto tomorrow.

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