This year’s panto… Scrounger Island

1104goodman01_magooaslong-john-silverFeaturing….Long John Scrounger


Windy –  Captain Skint (Long John’s Parrot)

The rest of the cast is to be revealed.

Is the Black Spot an illness that sickness benefit can be claimed for and did Billy Bones fake the symptoms of a stroke to fool the DWP and Atos?

Does Jim Hawkins assume the identity of the not dead Billy Bones and does his counterfeit Blue Badge mean he can moor his ship, The Entitlement, anywhere he wants?

The DLA fraudsters will be incandescent when they read…. SCROUNGER ISLAND.

503 hits a day for a “dead” blog.

Thanks everyone!


5 thoughts on “This year’s panto… Scrounger Island

    1. It wasn’t me but impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery (or one of the scroungers is stirring!)
      It’s even easier to register now so anyone can create an account….even the thickest welfare parasite.
      The mods are even more dense!

      I should have chosen a shorter tale than Treasure (Scrounger) Island because I ended up not having time to write it.
      I’ve loads of DS sleeper accounts as well as a couple of active so we might unwittingly speak in the New Year

      Enjoy 2014

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