Happy Christmas Scroungers


Enjoy your Christmas dinner!


****Due to work commitments I haven’t had time to compose the Christmas panto, “Scrounger Island.”****

Don’t worry though, I’m still operating on DS and also have numerous sleeper accounts.

It was good to see Karma in action on the Digital Scrounger forum a few months ago.


18 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Scroungers

    1. Sorry, work has kept me too busy this year. I thought I’d have time for the panto (I might still have) but my schedule has prevented me from writing it. This is where the DLA/ESA slackers have an advantage; they have lots of free time! I still have multiple accounts on DS and it’s been a good year, particularly on the Head Scrounger front! Things will get even worse for them next in 2014 with more welfare cuts.
      Happy Christmas and a great New Year to you.

    1. Happy Christmas. Sorry about the panto but my boss decided to implement a new system at the beginning of December meaning I’ve been bringing work home ever since to get it up and running as quickly as possible. I’ve had no spare time so couldn’t read Treasure Island again in order to write it properly. I’m not working again until after New Year and might produce something if I have a spare moment or two.
      I wish you a peaceful 2014.

  1. Just got back from the in-laws expecting to cheer myself up with the panto but have just seen the bad news that its not happening this year,Shame about the worklload but i think you have done great with the website this year.Well done mate.

    1. Thanks for your comments.
      I thought my blog would fade away when I decided to call it a day but its very presence still infuriates the sickness benefit scroungers who’ve tried everything to shut it down.
      They’ve failed miserably and get angrier every day!
      I might look at the panto again.

  2. Seems like your website is very much alive.Keep irritating the scroungers.Just the thought of going back to work in the new year while the lazy scroungers stay at home makes my blood boil.Happy New year.

    1. Same to you.
      We’ve got the scroungers on the run.
      The public hate them and 2014 promises to be a terrible year for the thousands of DLA fakers.
      Enjoy them going into meltdown on DS!

  3. Noticed Just A few childish comments from the type of work shy drips that us workers enjoy winding up, including a homophobic insult! Mustn’t be many episodes of Jeremy Kyle on at this time of year! Unless they can multitask in spite of debilitating illness,lol!

    1. It’s strange how many of the Scrounging Set can spend 24/7 on the Internet but aren’t capable of working 8 hours a day on a PC in an office somewhere.
      For a section of society that claims to be discriminated against and victims of hate crimes they sure know how to hurl abuse, especially towards other minorities.
      What’s that word again… oh yes, HYPOCRITE.

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