Happy New Year Scroungers!

http___makeagif.com__media_1-11-2014_3M07KFHappy New Year Scroungers!

Here’s the top ten scroungers of 2013 and just look at how many of them were feigning illness

to get on board the Entitlement Express!

Whether it’s offering to make bets on internet forums, dressing up as drag queens or engaging in their favourite extreme sport, the sickness benefit parasite is always hugely entertaining. They’re natural exhibitionists so inevitably drop themselves in it.

Here’s to 2014 and another year of Scrounger catching by IDS.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year Scroungers!

  1. Shows what IDS is up against. He will cut the number of scroungers right back this year again. Best man we be had in this job for a generation. Get em IDS your country is behind you!

    1. IDS is a great man and will be knighted for his welfare reforms.
      He’s the first person to be brave enough to stand up against the self-serving charities, vicious, disabilty pressure groups and organised scrounging campaigns.

      History will smile on IDS; the man who cured the UK of its fake sickness.

  2. On DS it is surprising how many of the posters in the food bank threads also post in threads about obese people. Are they as starving as they proclaim in their food bank emotional blackmail rhetoric? Evidently it would seem not. Happy and prosperous new year currysocks. Look forward to any posts you get time to make this year.

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