This is NOT a debating forum!

Ian says NO!

From today any pro-sickness benefit scrounger comments won’t be published but will instead go directly into the spam bin. Welfare extremists have their own forum on DS so have no need to post here.

Here is where us anti-scroungers (the majority of the GBP) can vent their feelings without the threats and intimidatory tactics from the ESA/DLA benefit bullies.

These people have busted a gut to try and shut this blog down.  They even tried to have it removed after I announced I was closing it!

They’ve failed and are now trying to spam it with their usual lies and bullshit.

No chance!

This is now a parasite-free zone!




3 thoughts on “This is NOT a debating forum!

  1. Haha, Excellent news, if there’s anything the lazyitis brigade hate, its not being heard! After all, when they have nothing to do except watch Jeremy Kyle, visit the gym, golf course or go shopping in their nice mobility car on generous benefit handouts, their next favourite hobby to pass their endless hours of leisure is to spew bile on internet forums and blogs. Such a crying shame they cant do it on here anymore! At least if they pop a vein in anger, they may genuinely be able to claim dla from then on!

    1. They’ll be hating Benefits Street!
      I can’t wait for the inevitable appearance of the DLA/ESA claimant who’s “too ill to work” but well enough to enjoy foreign holidays, dangerous sports, gymnasium and golf club membership. They probably will also sing and dance at local Karaoke nights and try to appear on Britain’s Got Scrou… oops, I mean Talent.
      Will it be a bad back or mental health problems?
      Will they still drink and smoke? (We know the answer!)

      There are plenty of pro-scrounging websites and forums for the welfare addicts to post on.
      They don’t need to defile my blog with their entitlement spam.
      Digital Scrounger is their natural home.

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