Benefits Street

jt street

It was perhaps inevitable (as was the Birmingham setting) that the biggest scrounger on CH4’s Benefits Street was in receipt of IB and, even more predictably, carried out odd-jobs on the side to supplement his feckless lifestyle of boozing and criminality. In many ways, this programme was a reflection of our favourite hangout for parasites – the Digital Spy forums. The site is a microcosm of this show; a Head Scrounger harvesting sickness benefits alongside a cabal of the workshy, all bleating how they can’t afford to live on “meagre” ESA/DLA handouts. Their illogical rantings and hatred of anyone who dares question their entitlement was shown in all its glory on Benefits Street as claimants raged against the Police, the DWP and the government for challenging their lifestyle choice. In one memorable scene a resident facing eviction for rent arrears whined to the backdrop of a huge Flat-Screen television in her front room. It was beyond parody! Beer, cigarettes and drugs are the staple diet of such scum and every area of Britain has its own Benefit Street where fraudsters and fakers have their nose buried deep in the Sickness Benefit trough. Thanks to this Government and Atos though, their numbers are slowly declining, and we can only hope the DLA purge is equally as successful as its ESA counterpart. If so, the Welfare Ways, Parasite Places and Scrounger Streets of the UK might soon be reclaimed by decent, hardworking people from the festering vermin which currently infect them.


One thought on “Benefits Street

  1. This program beggars belief. I knew benefit abuse was rife amongst the simpletons but this program was utterly sickening. How anyone can be a benefits apologist after watching this is astonishing.

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