The Bouncing Scrounger

DLA scroungers love to show off

Yet another example of how easy it is to claim DLA.

Sonia Mellor told the DWP she spent her entire life in bed and was in need of 24 hour care (how many times have we heard that before?)

After pocketing over £100k of handouts she was finally rumbled when her laptop and mobile phone (more gadgets than Currys) revealed videos of the seriously disabled Sonia bouncing up and down on a trampoline. She suffers from arthritis, by the way!

She’s unable to work of course, despite sending a text message saying how she had “grafted her arse” off at home one day.

The lengths DLA scroungers will go to claim their much cherished benefits is highlighted by Miss Mellor’s intention to buy a wheelchair in order to prepare for an anticipated DWP investigation. Everyone knows of a Sonia Mellor in their own area so it’s little wonder this easy to claim, easy to abuse and discredited benefit is being overhauled. Credit again must go to IDS who’s brave enough to face down the sickness benefit parasites and their appeasers.


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