Dee LA!

Clinically depressed? No, just clinically obese!

The breakdown of DEE LA statistics by “main disabling condition” make very interesting reading. Here’s some of my personal favourites.

Back Pain (particularly unspecified):

Notoriously difficult to diagnose, this has long been the condition of choice for the blue collar malingerer and currently stands at 162k claimants despite the decline of heavy industry, meaning far less physical work nowadays. These type of fraudsters are normally the ones caught working out at the gymnasium, running marathons or break-dancing on talent shows. Barely a week goes by without a “bad-backer” being filmed engaging in activities that even a healthy person would find physically demanding.

Scrounge rating: 9/10



Unbelievably, 45K people are claiming DEE LA because they’re a bit hard of hearing. With modern technology available to transfer speech to text and an abundance of hearing aids it beggars belief so many are able to trough benefits for a condition that has so many workarounds.

Scrounge rating: 8/10

Chronic Pain Syndromes: defines describes CPS as “complex,” states that for these conditions “there is no clear definition!” and, also, “Chronic pain is not simply a physical problem. It is often associated with severe and extensive psychological, social and economic factors.” Factors such as idleness, exaggeration and the harvesting of generous benefits are, I suggest the main reasons for a large swathe of the 47K trousering this handout. Those with “medically unexplained symptoms” need to be re-assessed immediately.

Scrounge rating:  8/10

Psychosis/Personality disorder/behavioural disorder:

These mental health conditions are listed separately by the DWP, probably because together they total a whopping 334K of claimants. This really is the bad back for the noughties. Easy to fake, difficult to diagnose and a passport to generous benefits without the hassle of having to look for work. Let’s consider the most recent poster girl for “depression,” White Dee. Unable to work because of her debilitating condition she still manages to organise the affairs of various Benefit Street residents, appear on a TV programme filmed over two years without displaying any obvious depressive symptoms, and is now setting herself up as a minor celebrity. Only those with the most extreme mental health problems should receive Dee LA, not the types who are well enough to spend all day posting on internet forums or swilling beer in their local boozer. We all know this type of scrounger.

Scrounge rating: 10/10

Alcohol and drug misuse:

As was stated by an  expert on 5Live today, you don’t become addicted when you take a drug for the first time.  It’s a choice to do it again and again until you’re hooked.  Tens of thousands of addicts are spending our money on beer and illegal substances and then claiming they’re incapacitated! If you can ring your dealer than you can work in a call centre.   If you can stroll to the off-licence  you can pick up litter. Lazy, weak-willed bums.

Scrounge rating: 11/10!

ComRes Survey:  Welfare Scroungers

It’s extremely heartening that 40% of those questioned in the recent ComRes Poll recognised the reality of welfare fraud,

40% of respondents to the survey thought half or most welfare claimants fell into the category of “scroungers”, defined as people who lie about their circumstances to get higher welfare benefits, for example by pretending to be unemployed, ill or disabled,


84% agreed with the statement that people who are able to work should be required to do so in order to receive benefits.

There’s just no fooling the British people, more of whom are wising up to the number of IB/ESA/DLA fraudsters fleecing the taxpayer and the state. Programmes like Benefits Street are fantastic at highlighting the culture of entitlement and it’s little wonder welfare extremists wanted the show taken off air.  They hate having a mirror held up to them.

More interesting stats from the poll:

68% believe the welfare state will be gone in 30 years time

68% said benefits should only be a safety net for the poorest in society

Only 34% stated claimants who haven’t paid into the system should receive benefits

87% accept the welfare system is failing

1 in 5 blame scroungers for the system being in such a mess

more to follow…..

how this blog is causing uproar amongst welfare lovers on various forums and who is Fletch? 

Why is he angry and paranoid?

Is he falsely claiming sickness benefits?

Does Fletch Live on handouts?

Is he a creepy stalker?

Does he find being humiliated  by TL every day arousing?

Is he Windfarter from DS?

This and more….coming soon….on…

The blog sickness benefit scroungers can’t help reading.


4 thoughts on “Dee LA!

    1. Seems like he’s received a permanent ban though. Fletch the scrounger (I wonder if he’s Windyarse from DS?) will at least stop soiling himself with indignation in the mistaken belief TL is me.I’m delighted how forum parasites are paranoid about me and tie themselves in knots accusing others of being Currysocks!

  1. Suggestion: add agoraphobia to the list. Bf’s ex claims it to milk benefits…. but has no trouble going on international holidays or crowded conventions.

    1. That’s a big scrounging excuse. It crops up loads of times. Their condition only extends to places they might have to do some work. Holidays and trips seem to nullify what appears to be another “fluctuating condition.”

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