Goodbye Atos and thank you

magnum pi5
How much is Fletch scrounging?

After 160 incidents per month of Atos staff being assaulted or abused by sickness benefit scroungers the company who’ve unmasked hundreds of thousands of workshy spongers are negotiating an early exit from their contract with the DWP.

Here’s just a couple of examples of the too sick for work but fit enough to make death threats brigade in action;

staff received deaths threats in person and on Facebook and Twitter

Examples on social networking sites include someone calling staff ‘murdering scumbags’, adding: ‘We won’t be smiling when we come to hang you b******s.’ Another said: ‘Know anyone who works for Atos? Kill them.’

At least one particularly vile web was shut down when attempts were made to name and intimidate ordinary Atos staff. This, of course, comes as no surprise to those of us who’ve battled these types of scum on various forums, particularly Digital Spy.  They don’t have the intellectual capability to contribute to the debate so instead resort to threats and bullying. Now their tactics are given nationwide exposure and the British public don’t like what they see!

We, the hard-working contributors to society, owe a great debt of gratitude to Atos and it’s a big THANK YOU to the company who took on the pretend sick and disabled.

There are already a few names in the hat to replace Atos and you can be guaranteed whichever one gets the contract will be subject to the same disgusting treatment from the same disgusting people. Let’s hope though, the new providers do the same great job as Atos.

Great news!

Campaigners lose spare room subsidy appeal! 

Another victory for the taxpayer!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Atos and thank you

  1. Well said. Your blog is brilliant.

    And well done on winding fletch up. He got so wound up that he got himself banned.

    1. Thanks.
      I’ll check Windy…I mean Fletch out on that forum.
      It was highly amusing how his paranoia overtook him and he convinced himself TL was me.
      What a bell-end!

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