coming soon….goodbye Atos and the DS Easter miracle

Enjoy your ban Fletch/Windy?
Enjoy your ban,   Fletch/Windy?


Reaction to the sad withdrawal of Atos after staff were persecuted by vile sickness benefit extremists.

also……more outrageous scrounging cases by the so called “disabled”  and the under -reported crime of disability rage.


….the Easter miracle! How one DS poster who, for four years, has claimed they’re unable to work because of a degenerative condition, is suddenly talking about returning to work!

Then will the lame leap like a deer, and the mute tongue shout for joy. (DWP 35:6)


and how the Wayback Machine is great for those  of you who didn’t save pictures before their owner deleted them.*/

This and more coming soon on………

……..the blog scroungers can’t help reading!

9/8/14 . . returning next week.

While you’re waiting, check out the DS Watch and enjoy an ant-semite unaravelling  on the forum.

 Windy has a hard-on every night when he spams the DS forums with his anti-Jewish poison.



5 thoughts on “coming soon….goodbye Atos and the DS Easter miracle

  1. Keep up the good work, mate. I thought you had stopped posting the blog so it is good see you are still around.

    Internet addicted scroungers like Fletch won’t expose themselves. You provide an important public service.

    Have you seen this story:

    At first I thought it might be Jane Doh! but she lives in Royal Wootton Bassett.

  2. I think its been a job well done. Scroungers have been nicely whipped and largely stopped moaning about it as finally they recognise freeloading is not acceptable. I hope we here more from you in the run up to next years election as the scroungers will no doubt be out in force demanding bigger houses and flatter TVs. Great blog.

  3. I hope you get struck down with a long term painful degenerative condition and made to sign on sickness benefits and be declared fit for work and live on nothing because you can’t sign JSA due to ill health, oh if there is a god, my friend you will eat every disgusting nasty little thought that ran through your peanut size brain.

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