Scrounge aid 2014

Welcome to the welfare caliphate
Welcome to the welfare caliphate

'Bad news Fred. They're stopping my incapacity benefit.'


It’s scrounging time: there’s no need to be afraid

At scrounging time, extra benefits you are paid

And in your welfare world of plenty you can spread a smile of joy

Throw your arms around handouts at scrounging time

But say a prayer, to pray for the taxpayer

At scrounging time

It’s hard but when you’re having fun

There’s a job outside your window

And you’re full of dread and fear

Where the threat of daily work reduces you to tears

And the workfare bells that ring

Are the clanging chimes of doom

So tonight you workshy twat

Hide in your spare room

You won’t be “ill” and claiming next Christmas time

The greatest gift you’ll get next year is work

Your condition will finally go as the benefits no longer flow

Will you know it’s Scrounging time at all?

Here’s to Ian, raise a glass please everyone

Here’s to Ian signing off the lazy bums

Fakers don’t like IDS at all.

Sign off scroungers

Let them know they’re parasites

Sign off scroungers

Let them know they’re parasites


5 thoughts on “Scrounge aid 2014

  1. This made my cry laughing. Glad to see you back blogging again.

    I wish you would join Bitchfest. It would be brilliant to watch you take Fletch apart.

    1. Thanks Clive. I’m off work until the first week in January so finally have a little time to make a few new entries. When I started this blog I thought it would be short-lived and then when I decided to let it die it kept receiving an enormous number of hits. You should see the angry comments I get from the sickness benefit scroungers who’ve tried everything to shut me down but have failed miserably. I hadn’t heard of Bitchfest until I looked at the stats yesterday and having had a quick glance it’s great to see how angry Fletch is. Thegreatwelfarescrounge tipped him over the edge on sleeping dogs and now his anti=semitic credentials are out in the open he’s becoming even more unhinged and making a right spectacle of himself.
      Enjoy Christmas and 2015 and keeping winding Fletch up.

  2. Thanks mate. Have a great christmas yourself. It is great to know you have worked hard to buy all the christmas treats instead of scrounged them.

    Fletch is not far off being sectioned now. The way he rants about zionists and Simon Cowell being a lizard is just fucking unreal.

    He is totally unhinged.

    1. He really is a piece of work isn’t he?
      He’s a pariah on every forum he hasn’t been banned from and the ADL have been alerted about his posts.
      Fletch/Windy is a paranoid wreck and sees even the deleting of one of his posts as part of a Zionist conspiracy.
      Happy Christmas Dox. I bet Fletch doesn’t have a good one, alone and shunned by normal people.

  3. Excellent!,this needs to be recorded with all proceeds of sales going towards buying alarm clocks for the newly working DLA ex claimants, because we all know they wont possess one, and with all there hard scrounged cash having been spent on petrol for their free car, golf and health club membership or booze/drugs/takeaways, it only seems fair to help the poor dears out!

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