Congratulations Sue Marsh

Sickness benefit activist and author of a shitty pro-scrounging blog read by malingerers the length and breadth of the country is suddenly persona non grata with the nations professional sick and “disabled.” With breathtaking hypocrisy Sue Marsh has gone all White Dee and become capable of work once a nice juicy financial inducement was waved under her nose. What makes this hugely amusing is that this wad of cash, all £75K a year, comes from her new employer, Maximus, the direct replacement for Atos a and who’ll be carrying out the new sickness benefit assessments! What a huge kick in the teeth for all those scroungers who read her blog religiously and held her up a some sort of heroine, battling the evil Tory welfare reforms. IDS is loving it and has welcomed her into the fold and it’s further proof that the only two thirds of those claiming ESA/DLA would make an equally miraculous recovery if they were offered the same.


3 thoughts on “Congratulations Sue Marsh

  1. Just catching up with the blog. All top drawer stuff. Old ranting guy still claiming his hobby as a “profession” i see.

    Lovely to see the blog still thriving.

    1. So much scrounging going on and so little time to blog very much. If OLD HIPPY MORON put as much effort into his “business” as he does defending Labour then his business would be flourishing. If anyone doubted that Labour is the party of the scrounger just look at the type of workshy scum supporting them. Still loads of traffic on my blog despite rarely updating it these days. Seems to have caught people’s imagination.

  2. It doesnt get much better than this does it? Obviously taken on to discredit her baloney campaign and done it in style. It really goes to prove even the Labourites with their holier than thou approach have their price, in spite of having “dibilitating illnesses”. Oh how we laughed! Now to get the hundreds of thousands of other lazy fraudsters off benefits and into work, thats the hard part. Maximus the ball is in your court, give em hell, preferably starting with early morning appointments, they’re not used to that!

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