The Welfies


I’ve been away visiting a mythical daughter but now I’m back and it’s time to reveal the winner of the  Walter Mitty category.

This is always one of the most hard fought and coveted awards in the scrounging world. Previous recipients include Richievilla for claiming to be a barrister and then caught seeking legal advice on a scrounging forum, plus, Old Hippy Guy whose made up life stories always seem to correspond to current political events.

However, there’s a new name on the Walter Mitty trophy this year and that is…..(drumroll) WINDY/FLETCH!!!

Congratulations to Fletch/Windy who claimed his flounce from BF was actually a holiday during which he discovered he had a daughter and bought her a car. Despite touring the length and breadth of Britain, Fletch, the compulsive poster, was unable to find an internet connection to feed his habit.

Sadly, Fletch is unable to accept his award as he’s again currently travelling the length and breadth of Britain without finding a way to hook up to the web. He’s no doubt discovered another daughter as well.

Next time,  GibsonSadGit, The Towel Man, Koantemplation, Celt1987 or Old Hippy Scrounger? Who is Welfare Cry Baby of the year?

This should be a shoe-in for suicide-watch Gibson but Old Hippy Scrounger’s Bedroom Tax bleatings might run SadGit close.

Votes please.

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