The Welfies Part 2

Who’s your favourite scrounger?


It’s time for one of our most cherished awards and one in which again there’s been fierce competition and golden moments of comedy.

The first nominee is OLD HIPPY GUY who’s spent the last two years on DS blubbering over the spare room subsidy. There’s not a topic he can’t shoehorn the subsidy into and his wallowing in self-pity over his shitty life is an example to cry-babies everywhere.

Next, CELT1987. “I’ve got Cerebal Palsy” Yes, you’re also a self-pitying moron  who dribbles entitlement all over the forum.  His symptoms include random, uncontrolled posts and lack of intellectual balance.

GibsonSG was originally a shoe-in for this award after his wailings over the DWP losing his scrounge form and subsequent request for a shotgun so he could put himself out of our misery.

However, one person has stood head and shoulders above other welfare lovers this past year and that man is……..Fletch/Windwalker!!!

A strong showing over the past few months has catapulted Fletch/Windwalker to his second Welfie of 2015. After his DS ban for anti-semitic posts DS Fletch railed against the mods, wailed about unfairness and unsuccessfully tried to have his oponents banned. Fast forward a few months later and you’ll probably never see a sadder forum site than Fletch/Windwalker on his knees, begging admin to ban a poster who was destroying him every day on Bitchfest. After a brief return of only a post or two a tearful Fletch shuffled off into the internet wilderness.


More awards….coming soon

Can Fletch make it a hat-trick? If so he could give one Welfie to each of the daughters he’s recently discovered.

10 thoughts on “The Welfies Part 2

    1. It looks like you were right about Fletch/Windy, Clive. Why didn’t I spot that ages ago?
      Has he “discovered” any new daughters yet?
      He’s such a snivelling wimp that I almost pity him.

  1. Vote Conservative tomorrow everyone. The scroungers are salivating at the prospect of a Lab/SNP welfare free for all. For the good of this green and pleasant land, do the right thing, Vote Conservative.

  2. Just the sweetest of nights, the tears of the malingerers are in full flow. The hate spitting layabouts have had their dreams of a welfare utopia dashed. DC/IDS/Osbourne takin care of business! 5 more years! Yes!!!

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