The Welfies Part 3



Be it from bombing ISIS in Syria to working tax credits their isn’t a topic OSG can’t shoehorn the spare room subsidy into. Countless hours are spent hammering away on his keyboard, reciting his whole life story, his wife’s life story, how the Tories are responsible for his failure in life and usually ending in some trite quotation from a fellow Leftie.

Has anyone ever seen the tat he turns out advertised anywhere?

Quite simply there is no employer that would take on such an individual whose output can at best be described as minimal.

Universal Credit will be his undoing but in the meantime it’s congratulations to OSG, least employable Scrounger of the Year.

It’s the competition for the scrounger least likely to ever gain full-time employment.

OLD SCROUNGING GUY is in the lead at the moment.

Keep voting. Closing date 3/7/14

The candidates are….

OLD HIPPY GUY: A man who hasn’t done a honest day’s work for years. In the words of one forum poster he “Makes shite that nobody wants to buy.” He uses his hobby as a way to claim generous benefits that Universal Credit will put a stop to. He once claimed his “business” was just about to get off the ground when the Tories came to power and they yet again scuppered his chances of becoming a millionaire.

GibsonSG: Apparently incapacitated in an accident he spends most of his time moaning about the DWP and is famous for once asking other FM’s if they had a shotgun he could borrow to shoot himself. He really is the one of the most depressing people on any forum, anywhere.

CELT1987: Imagine a computer screen covered in spittle, the stench of entitlement and saliva dribbling down a chin. Yes, it’s our next contender who seems somewhat bemused that he can’t find employment. It’s of  little surprise to me that that he’s unemployable and will soon be having his handouts cut. His anger management problems exclude him from the workplace and he’ll no doubt  find himself banned on DS.

Vote now!

21 thoughts on “The Welfies Part 3

  1. Old Hippy Scrounger for me, without a doubt. If verbal dysentery was an olympic event, he would be the Steve Redgrave of our age. He is probably the internet’s angriest man which makes him well ripe for a wind up.

  2. All very strong contenders, but call me an old softie i think it would be wrong to miss out old ranting guy in this years awards. He has shown such dedication to ranting and scrounging, the rest of his days will be under conservative government so i think he deserves the recognition this year.

  3. All of the “cradle to Gravers” are worthy of merit, Fortunately for the Tax payer they are nudging into the “graver” bit of their life cycle.

    However, after much thought I would like to nominate Old Hippy Scrounger, not just for the gargantuan rants of Biblical proportions, which basically are just one enormous sob story, but also the mysterious “workshop”, that must represent a microcosm of a 1970’s British Leyland production line, intermittently turning out shoddy products that no one wants to buy.

    Any sensible person faced with a failing business, would actually invest some time in producing a business plan rather than waste time posting on a forum, but such basics as marketing, finance, quality control etc. are clearly beyond him.

    1. A bad tempered thread that will certainly result in a few suspensions once “Team Hippy” get to work on the alert button. People are now treating him with open contempt.

      It puzzling how someone with a set of socialists”values” is content to scrounge off the capitalist system his indoctrination taught him to despise

      1. This thread has been closed due to inflammatory and argumentative discussion


      2. Congratulations to everyone who participated in sending OHG into meltdown. Great work.A couple of selfless souls sacrificed themselves to take him down.Loved Andy Copen’s comment about the old twat making himself a pot to piss in.

      3. I laugh when he claims he’s not the type to hit alert. He was hammering the alert button continually after I embarrassed him with one of my ID’s. I did my bit of reporting on this thread to pay him back. Old Scrounger should learn I’ve plenty of sleeper accounts primed to send him on more DS holidays.

      4. I have this image of him chuntering away to himself in his workshop whilst trying to find the on switch to his kiln

      5. At least his ban means he’s more time to churn out the car-boot type crap he can’t flog anywhere else. He’s not the type to bear a grudge so I don’t expect him to blame his ban on “righties” or rant on about it in every single post. On the other hand, it’s just another example of the evil Tories shafting him yet again. I wonder how many industrial disputes he’s had with himself since he became “self-employed?” I bet he’s been on strike a few times!

  4. I didn’t realise he’d been banned. That’s hilarious – he was the one having the piss taken out of him! What was it for? You’re right though about the industrial disputes – he’s not even paying himself a living wage, Fucking hypocrite. 46 years in work and he still can’t support himself. What a wanker.

      1. He’s a typical lying scrounger. He’d wet his pants if someone did turn up at his door and called him out for a chat about him referring to tories as “vermin.” That is of course if he managed to hear the doorbell over the noise of the machinery as he grafts away tirelessly in his “workshop.”

    1. I bet the fat scrounger posts on DS as well. It’s the hangout place for those faking illness and disability. Can’t wait for the next round of welfare cuts and ESA/DLA assessments.

  5. The call themselves disabled, but seem to be able to sit on a chair,read a screen and type 24/7, follow a discussion and report comments they find “offensive”

    I would have though that would qualify them for some sort of paid employment

    1. This has been my argument all along. The lazy twats are well capable of working thirty hours a week. See Hypnodick as a perfect example. He spent years on DS claiming he couldn’t work because of mental health issues but then suddenly miraculously recovered and became self-employed, delivering beer to alcoholics. Barely any of these people are actually disabled, they just have conditions that can be managed and which shouldn’t excuse them from finding employment.

    1. I like Copen’s posts. A bullseye every time and he gets right up the noses of the scroungers, particularly OLD WORKSHY. I must compile a top ten DS posters list one day.

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