Coming soon…DS scroungers….where are they now?

This blog is back (maybe only for the short term) so it’s time to look back, reminisce and find out what has happened to our favourite Digital Spy scroungers.

Has Lee Morris been sectioned, is OHG churning out more than one piss-pot a day, did GibsonSG ever find a shotgun to blow his own head off?

What happened to retardis Steve, does tim ever leave the house and the question we’re all asking: did the Towel Man ever find a woman on a sleazy sex site?

Is Whip dead and did Biffo the Bear accidentally kill himself with his mail-order enema kit?

This, and more…coming soon on the blog the scroungers couldn’t close.



4 thoughts on “Coming soon…DS scroungers….where are they now?

  1. Your excellent blog serves as a barometer of the times. Post brexit in the post sjw age the vermins obfuscations have evaporated. Time. Finally for old scrounger to pay his bedroom tax.

    1. Indeed. Times and attitudes towards these wasters have changed, and I hope we’ve played out part in highlighting the much abused sickness benefits system.

  2. Im fairly certain they will have all moved from scrounging to employment. Oh no wait. They re all still on the scrounge.

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