More scrounging

Here are a few of my personal favourites. I’d post all my scrounging, court case links but there are far too many and I’m not sure there’s enough space on my blog!

This is just the tip of the sponging iceberg!

DLA horse puncher jailed

Little Britain. £27k wheelchair fraud

Fiddler on the roof. £4k scam

Vile DLA Cancer fraud

Le Scrounge £58k fraud

Every fiddle helps. £74k DLA fraud

Triathlon Scrounger. £17k DLA fraud

Red card. £20k disability fraud

Disabled” beer thief

Caught scrounging for the second time . £10k ESA/DLA fraud

Don’t forget your toothbrush. Jail for £40 disability golf fraud

House! Bingo caller’s £60k IB/DLA fraud

Jet-set fraudster £110k disability fraud

One scrounger leaping £9k disability fraud

The benefits rollercoaster £40k DLA fraud

Disability Pirate £7m!!

Woof!!     £6k DLA scrounging at Crufts

Golf….again!  £68k disability fraud

DLA murderer. Crimewatch case report 20/03/12

Stock Car Scrounger £4K DLA fraud.

Bullseye!  £63k DLA fraud

Penalty! £6k DLA fraud

What’s your handicap? £12,500 DLA fraud

Think of the children! £42k DLA fraud

Taxi!! £57k incapacity fraud

Walkies!!  £57k mobility fraud

Scrounging in two countries at once! £292k DLA fraud

Waterslide swindler £19k DLA fraud

Marathon woman £46k DLA fraud

Bagpipes £17k DLA fraud

Scrounger worked in Jobcentre £7k fraud

Shady Deal £34k Incapacity benefit fraud

Fraud of the Dance £400k DLA fraud

We are Sailing 15 year incapacity fraud

Life is a Lottery £4k ESA fraud

Clairovoyant didn’t see the DWP coming   £33k fraud

The Drug Lord 

Evil Knievel £15k DLA fraud

Saving Private Scrounger  £30k incapacity fraud

He likes truckin’ £20k DLA fraud

Gardener grassed up £46k DLA fraud

Ciggies from Thailand  £14k incapacity fraud

Bob the Builder…Can he scrounge it? £70k DLA fraud

Road trip Attempted £1m fraud

Scrounging at 12,000 feet £6k DLA fraud

He’ll have a Thai tonight £7k DLA fraud

Workout handout  £20k DLA fraud

Sing when you’re scrounging, you only sing when you’re scrounging £54k incapacity fraud

Weatherfield and the Lottery £107k DLA fraud

18 holes £16k DLA fraud

The Stud Farm £6k DLA fraud

Confessions of a Handyman  £77k DLA fraud


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